Wednesday 20 May 2009

Greek State Visit to Denmark: day 2

The second day of the Greek state visit has been busy with Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary doing the heavy lifting of accompanying the presidential couple through their programs during the day. In the evening the Royal Family attended the return gala at the Royal Museum of Fine Art where the Greek delegation put on a concert followed by dinner. During the morning Crown Prince Frederik accompanied the Greek President Karolos Papoulias and his wife May Panou Papoulia on a tour of some of Denmark's climate and energy initiatives and sustainable urban development projects. They sailed from Amaliehavn onto Copenhagen Harbour to inspect the off-shore wind farm at Middelgrunden. Afterwards the party visited the Mountain Dwellings sustainably designed project at Ørestaden. Mountain Dwellings, inspired by Aztec design, was awarded the world’s best housing solution at the World Architecture Festival 2009. A lunchtime session of the Danish-Greek Climate and Business Forum at the Confederation of Danish Industries followed for Frederik and the president, focusing on the major theme of the visit: renewable energy. During the afternoon President Papoulias visited the Memorial cemetery - Mindelunden - for a wreath laying ceremony. Mindelunden is a cemetery for executed freedom fighters and members of the resistance movement who died in German concentration camps during World War II. During the afternoon Crown Princess Mary and Mrs May Panou Papoulia visited the Skodsborg Observation and Treatment Home. Mrs Papoulia is a trained psychologist and shares an interest with Mary in issues of neglected children. The home is for children with serious special needs and is connected to the Mary Foundation. Crown Princess Mary and Mrs May Papoulia later visited the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, north of Copenhagen. In the evening the Regent Couple and members of the Royal Family attended the return engagement, a gala concert and dinner, hosted by the Greek President at the Royal Museum for Fine Art (Statens Museum for Kunst).

Frederik on the environment tour of Copenhagen:

Mary and Mrs May Panou Papoulia visit the Skodsborg Observation and Treatment Home for neglected children and then go to the Louisiana Modern Art Museum:

The Greek President Karolos Papoulias and his wife Mrs May Panou Papoulia greet the Danish Royals on the steps of the Royal Museum of Fine Art for the return engagement of a concert and dinner:

Photos © Jesper Sunesen/BilledBladet, Hanne Juul Billed Bladet, Martin Høien/BilledBladet, Tariq Mikkel Khan/POLFOTO/Fyens Stifstidende, Tariq Mikkel Khan/POLFOTO, Scanpix/TV2, Keld Navntoft/Getty, DayLife/Reuters, Peter Dahlerup/

TV2 article 'Kronprins og præsident stod til søs'
Crown Prince Frederik and the visitor Greek president, Karolos Papoulias, stood together at sea on Tuesday - however, only on a trip to Copenhagen Harbour to see the off shore wind farm near the Middleground.
Back on land again, the president had a guided tour of the Mountain Dwelling building in Ørestaden before it was time to have lunch and talks about green technology at Dansk Industri.
After lunch President Papoulias layed a wreath at the Memorial Cemetary in Ryvangen, before Tuesday evening's concert at the State Museum for Art.
While the gentlemen had the industry lunch, the First Lady, May Panou Papoulia visited Skodsborg Obserervation and Treatment Home north of Copenhagen with Crown Princess Mary...

Jyllands Posten 'Frederik på sejltur med præsidentparret' 'Kronprinsesse Mary var med Mrs. May Panou Papoulia på Skodsborg Observations- og Behandlingshjem' - Crown Princess Mary was with Mrs May Panou Papoulia at Skodsborg Observation and Treatment Home
The Greek First Lady Mrs May Papoulia, who is a trained psychologist, is interested in children exposed to negligence, as is our own Crown Princess Mary [through programs of the Mary Foundation], who accompanied her during the visit to Skodsborg Observation and Treatment Home at midday on Tuesday.
The Crown Princess arrived first directly from Fredensborg Palace and was received by psychologist Inger Thormann and Lone Anine Sørensen, who is a deputy principal.
After about 15 minutes talking indoors the Greek First Lady arrived and the visit continued with a talk on the outcomes offered for children in the beautiful/peaceful place facing the Øresund Sound.
Skodsborg Observation and Treatment Home is a children's home for 20 children in the age group 0-6 years...
Some of the children are placed directly from the hospital where they have been born, while other children are placed when the negligence they are exposed to becomes known by social workers/authorities.
The children have been born to parents with few resources who are themselves unable to cope cope with the needs of their children, most frequently because of domestic abuse or mental illness.
For the privacy of the children and parents, only buildings and the distinguished visitors and their hosts were permitted to be photographed.
The children's home has interdisciplinary staff to give each individual child optimal treatment, care and protection.
Children born to drug addicts and alcohol dependent mothers starts life under difficult circumstances.
At the children's home they are helped to good health and well-being despite withdrawal symptoms, brain damage or mental and physical traumas.
The children live on average 1 1/2 years at the children's home, after which most are then able to be moved to live with a foster family. - scroll for photos of Mary and Mrs Papoulia visiting the Louisiana Art Museum

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TV2 clip (00:28) - Frederik arriving in Ørestaden with the President and his wife
JPwebTV (00:37)
TV2 clip (02:03)

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