Monday 4 May 2009

It's a son for Marie & Joachim

Photo © Uffe Weng/Berlingske Tidende
Just over two hours ago Princess Marie gave birth to a son. Princess Marie went into labour and hospital early Sunday evening. Prince Joachim has appeared in the Rigshospitalet foyer and given the obligatory "the baby is this long" shot for photographers and expressed, naturally, that it was Marie who had done the work and he also thanked hosptial staff who had been excellent in their care and help. Joachim said Marie was in labour for 10-11 hours and Joachim was present throughout. The baby measures 49 centimetres and weighs 3032 grams and is seventh in the line of succession after Prince Felix. Prince Joachim said he had cut the umbilical cord, just as he had also done for Nikolai and Felix and that he had shed a tear at the time of the birth. Marie and Joachim knew in advance that they were to have a son and Joachim says resemblance will be pondered no doubt, but the little one resembles himself.

Berlinske Tidende 'Danmark har fået en ny prins' - Denmark just got a new prince
Anders Hvass Mandag May 4th 2009, 06:07
Princess Marie and Prince Joachim have now a healthy boy of 49 cm and 3032 grams.
"It's with very great pleasure that I can report that my wife, Princess Marie, has given birth to a healthy and perfect boy," said Prins Joachim to the attendant press at the University Hospital of Copenhagen.
Princess Marie's first and Prince Joachim's third measures 49 centimetres and weighs 3032 grams.
The new prince is a number seven in the Danish line of succession.
Prince Joachim was present during the whole delivery which lasted 10-11 hours.
Prince Joachim himself cut his son's umbilical cord just as he had done previously with his two other sons.
"It's a great and moving feeling to experience a new life come about," the openly proud prince said.
He admitted that he shed a tear when the child was born.
The new parents knew in advance that it was a boy, and Prince Joachim didn't want to say which of the proud parents his new boy resembles.
"He is a little smaller than me and looks just as new-born boy children do. We can wonder from here to eternity who he resembles, but he resembles himself," said a smiling prince to the press.
Prince Joachim declined to comment on the name.
"I have said it before, and say it again: He will be called that Ib and Nebukaneser," the proud new father said by way of backing out.
Prince Joachim, 39, and Princess Marie, 33, were married Mayt 24th last year in Møgeltønder Church.
At the press conference to mark the couple's engagement the year before, they didn't conceal that they hoped that their marriage would lead to children.
The new-born baby is Queen Margrethe's and Prince Henrik's fifth grandchild.
Besides Nikolai and Felix they are the grandparents to Crown Prince Frederik's and Crown Princess Mary's two children, Christian, 3, and Isabella, who has just turned two.
It wasn't only Prince Joachim who was satisfied with the progress of the birth.
The University Hospital of Copenhagen's experts were also happy.
"The birth proceeded well and quickly," said consultant Morten Hedegaard, the University Hospital of Copenhagen obstetrician who assisted at the birth.
Prinsesse Marie had an epidural block (spinal anaesthetic) during the birth, and midwife Birgitte Hillerup said that the birth had run according to plan and that the course of events time-wise had been completely normal.

Billed Bladet
TV2 (scroll down for news clip of Joachim's press conference - 04:27)
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Anonymous camille said...

Congratulation for the family !

9:53 am  
Blogger Damson Rhee said...

Oh, congratulations to Prince Joachim and Princess Marie!

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Anonymous Yosie Octavia said...

Congratulations for Prince Joachim and Princess Marie!
Wishing all of you a solid and happy family! =)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Prince Joachim and Princess Marie! I hope all goes well. He is as cute as a button! God Bless you both. It is fantastic news!

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