Thursday 14 May 2009

Frederik & Mary celebrate 5th wedding anniversary

Today Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. Mary has been at the official opening of the 2nd Nordic Aphasia Conference as its patron at the University of Copenhagen. It may be a normal working day, but Mary appears to have decided a change is as good as a holiday by changing the colour of her hair. The anniversary will be celebrated quietly and privately according to court spokeswoman Lene Balleby. Mary thanked Frank Humle, head of Centre for Brain Damage, for his good wishes as she arrived at the conference and wouldn't be drawn by media questions as she left after attending a lecture. "Five happy years of marriage is gift enough" was all she would say, according to Billed Bladet (photo Jesper Sunesen/BilledBladet).

DRWs pre-wedding feature
DRWs Happy Anniversary wedding feature

B.T. 'Mary og Frede fejrer træbryllup' - Mary and Frede celebrate fifth wedding anniversary
May 14th 2009 | by Marianne Singer
It's a big day, but not so big that you can't also squeeze in a single task on the way.
Mary is a diligent Crown Princess and just as she did last year, she has an event to attend on her wedding anniversary.
The event is the official opening of 2nd Nordic Aphasia Conference at the University of Copenhagen.
But probably there is still time for some cosy togetherness with the family and a romantic momenτ with her husband during the day.
Last year the Crown Princess hurried home from her working visit to the UN in Geneva in time to be together with Frederik late in the evening [of their anniversary].
It is also a [significant] anniversary as a Crown Princess because this year it's the fifth wedding annivarsary that the royal pair celebrate.
It's a wedding annivarsary which isn't as well known as a copper, silver or golden anniversary, but it means that the couple have now lived side by side for five years.
At the same time Mary can also celebrate her five year jubilee as a Crown Princess, so in this way the date is an important red-letter day.
For both Frederik and Mary there have been huge shifts in their life in that period.
From May 14th 2004, when Mary said 'yes' to the Crown Prince, she has had to be prepared to live a public life with many commitments, the couple have become husband and wife, settled themselves in Chancellery House, and most especially, have had two children, Christian, 3, and Isabella, 2.
But while the couple often have enough to do with two small active toddlers and are [regularly] out on official tasks, they have also shown time and again that they are still a couple in love.
There are still are easy touches, amorous glances, attentive comments to each other and hand holding when the couple are out.
It isn't difficult to find photos of the Crown Prince Couple where they are in close touch with each other.
And Mary has often shown that Frederik is someone absolutely special for her, such as last year in May when she arranged Frederik's 40th birthday party in the Orangery at Fredensborg Palace, and the Crown Princess sang for her husband in front of all the guests.

The Sydney Morning Herald - a nod to some of the rubbish generated by someone peddling a book.
An editorial in Jyllands Posten criticised the author in question saying she is wrong has spent too long in Greece and lost touch with Denmark.

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