Monday 4 May 2009

Queen Margrethe visits the new prince

Photo © Nanna Kreutzmann/Polfoto/Jyllands Posten

Queen Margrethe has visited the hospital to meet her newest grandson around 5pm after an official duty, to farewell the outgoing Secretary General of NATO at Amalienborg. The Queen spoke only briefly to the press and arrived shortly after Prince Henrik, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix left after their visit. Both Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have events on their calendar today and may visit later in the evening.

TV2 'Dronningen besøgte barnebarn alene' - The Queen visits her grandson alone
Prince Henrik and prince Joachim's two sons from his marriage with countess Alexandra - Felix and Nikolai - were together with their grandfather among the first visitors who visited the new little new today.
TV 2's reporter at the University Hospital got a high "yes" from prince Nikolai, when he was asked whether he was tense...
When the Queen was asked how she was, the answer suggested: "I am very well, thanks."
"It was cosy," Prince Nikolai reported to the journalists as he left.
Princess Marie's father, Alain Cavallier, visited his new grandchild earlier on the day.
Prinsesse Marie and Prince Joachim became parents to a little boy at 4:57am - Queen Margrethe's and Prince Henrik's 5th grandchild.

B.T. 'Dronning Margrethe efter besøget på fødegangen: Han ser dejlig ud' - Queen Margrethe after the visit to the maternity ward: He looks beautiful
May 4th 2009, 17:09
He looks beautiful! Queen Margrethe was clearly happy that both her new grandchild and daughter-in-law, Princess Marie were fine after the night's birth, when she paid a visit at the University Hospital of Copenhagen late Monday afternoon.
The Queen arrived at 5pm to give her congratulations to Marie and Joachim on the birth of their little prince.
Prince Henrik, Prince Felix and Prince Nikolaj had barely left University Hospital after a 45 minute long maternity visit before Queen Margrethe arrived.
Margrethe was dressed in a grey suit and carried a gift bag from Illum in her hand.
The Queen didn't have time to answer questions from the press before she hurried in to see the new member of the royal family.
But after the visit a smiling Queen said a little, that the new member of the royal family is 'very beautiful'.
"He looks beautiful and he is fine," said the Queen, who also confirmed that his mother, Princess Marie, is well after the birth
. 'Dronningen besøger den lille prins' - The Queen visits the little prince
Queen Margrethe arrived to the University Hospital of Copenhagen at 5pm to visit the new-born prince.
The Queen was earlier on the day busy receiving NATO's retiring secretary general at Amalienborg - and she didn't have time to answer questions from the press when she arrived, but hurried off for the maternity visit.
Before the Queen left the hospital she managed to say that she has a beautiful grandchild, and that Princess Marie is fine.
Prince Henrik and the two big brothers, the princes Nikolai and Felix, were on visit earlier.
"We are very happy about the new arrival," Prince Henrik said.
Before the family disappeared into the lift to go up to the new-born prince, big brother Felix managed to report that he was tense.
Prins Joachim was at the hospital and was present for the whole delivery.

Note: Keen eyes will see the strange plastic art work hanging on the wall in the foyer of the hospital is still there - it was thought a little odd as a background when Crown Prince Frederik spoke to the press when Prince Christian was born.

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Blogger Michelle said...

i first noticed that stupid plastic when Princess Isabella was born - i hadn't followed the Danish royals until shortly after Prince Christian's birth.

THANK YOU for having all of this posted! there are tons of links on the royal forums... but they're all in Danish, and google translator gets old very quickly because it doesn't make much sense (according to google, Princess Marie was in the food room having food, and Crown Princess Mary is just Crown Prince Mary).

can't wait to see pictures of the family! :-)

9:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found this Blog...I used to live across the street from Ameliaborg and 40 years ago I caught a quick glimpse of the Queen when she popped out of her living quarters. I was so young was she. King Frederick was still alive then...this particular Royal Family has changed quite a bit in 40 years. Congratulations to the Queen for her new grandson.

1:08 am  

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