Tuesday 17 April 2007

Queen Margrethe & the family at Amalienborg

Queen Margrethe and the royal family have appeared together on the balcony at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen for her birthday. Prince Christian made his first Amalienborg appearance, which means it was a kind of historical moment to see the Queen, Frederik and Christian all together there. It was also a nice moment because all of the Queen's immediate family was present, including Prince Joachim's boys Nikolai and Felix. Queen Margrethe looked very happy and in fine spirits along with the rest of the family. The royal wave can be hard to master, as Mary was painfully reminded by Christian!

Politiken slide gallery (2:14)
Berlingske Tidende photo gallery
TV2 Sputnik video clip (0:40)
TV2 video clip (0:30)
TV2 photo gallery
Jyllands Posten 'Dronningen fejret i solskin' (in Danish)
B.T. 'Tusinder hyldede dronningen' (in Danish)
Crowds cheer Danish queen on her birthday (English)
The Mercury (English) 'Mum courts a right royal salute'
Added: Hello magazine 'Denmark's baby prince celebrates royal gran's birthday'

From Madeleine Glindorf's website have a look here at some great photos (check Christian and one of the daschunds!) - thanks Madeleine!

DR video clip (0:25)
TV2 video clip (0:50)
Berlingske WebTV (1:40)
Jyllands Posten slideshow

From The Copenhagen Post:
Long reign the Queen

Though Queen Margrethe hits the mandatory retirement age Monday, the popular monarch is showing no signs of slowing down.

While most Danes would use their 67th birthday to celebrate retirement, Queen Margrethe seems content to keep her position as the country's ruling regent for at least a few more years.

Despite having two artificial knees, the Queen hits retirement age Monday in relatively good health. Her son, Crown Prince Frederik, has been much in the limelight since his marriage to Crown Princess Mary and lies in wait to be king, but his mother has shown no signs of slowing down.

'The Queen had a sparkle in her eye during her New Year's speech when she said she was in good health, and that was a clear signal she's not abdicating,' Jes Fabricius Møller, historian at the University of Copenhagen, told Nyhedsavisen newspaper.

'Frederik is ready to take the throne, but his candidacy for the Olympic committee runs 10 years into the future, and he can't be king as long as he sits there.'

Queen Margrethe has a number of duties related to her role as regent, including serving as patron for numerous organisations and charities. She also is a noted costume designer and her watercolours are considered to be fine works in their own right.

But historian Jon Bloch Skipper of the Danish House of History believes it is the Queen's sense of obligation to the people that keeps her on the throne.

'She was raised with the idea that being queen is first and foremost a duty.'said Skipper. 'She's made a social contract with the people and we accept that she and the rest of the royal family have prestige, power and wealth because they themselves sacrifice something on the personal level.'

'It's not just a job, it's her life,' he added.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Poor Christian, he wears all the time the same clothes...

1:59 pm  
Blogger Home Educator's Helper said...

What is wrong with that?

11:08 am  
Blogger Nell said...

Looks like poor baby whacked his head on that iron spike in the railing. Some photos you can see a round indent on his forehead and the makings of a bruse. Brave little tyke only shed a few tears if this is what happened.

3:40 am  
Blogger lotte said...

Hi nell,
Sorry but the video clips of the whole balcony appearance and the first hand accounts, including that of jounalists, just don't bear out your comment.

Christian neither hurt himself and nor did he cry at all -- you have heard of babies teething right? They tend to dribble. Christian pretty well stole the show as a curious, normal kid with normal family around him who have to do very un-normal things as far as I can see.

But I guess some views of x only want to see z.

5:23 am  
Blogger Nell said...

What I actually said was "looks like poor baby whacked his head" I have only seen still photos, I have not seen the video nor would I know if it had been edited or not. Here in Hobart we got about 5 seconds of the balcony scene on the news.
I thought the dribble all over his face was tears and the indent in the side of his forehead and discolored skin around it seemed to match in size the spike in the railing.
Not sure what "some views of x only want to see z" mean??
Sorry if I have offended anyone by thinking Christian might have the odd accident, like normal children do. Perhaps he bumped his head before the family came on to the balcony.

10:02 am  
Blogger lotte said...

Hi nell,
I am sorry if I misunderstood your remark. Often there are people on the internet who look for all sorts of signs of trouble, things to criticise (just look at elchbaer's comment above) and are determined to see problems where they do not exist.

I think he is teething and I am sorry but I don't see any damage to his head. There may have been some dirt on the railing? I have seen a photo of Mary's waving hand with what looks like dirt on it after she rested her hand on the railing. Who knows? these aren't really big issues....

10:18 am  
Blogger Nell said...

Thank you, yes could be dust from the railing or perhaps he was having a nap on mum or dads lap and it is the imprint of a button, babies do have such sensitive skin at this age.
Anyway happily we don't have too long to wait until the Baptism of the next little one, 1st July and then a lot more photos of the family.
By the way I think pale blue is his colour weather he has worn it before or not and love to see him in it but I also realise it is not practical for outer garments.

11:16 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Wrong with that...
His mother wears all the time new clothes, spends much money to her style, etc. - and Christian has to wear all the time the same clothes - THAT IS WRONG! Like I said before: Poor Christian!

11:35 am  

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