Monday 9 April 2007

Family Easter @ Marselisborg

It has been a quiet and private Easter for the royal family this year. We have no photos (just some screencaps of nothing much from outside Marselisborg), but we do know from comments made to newspaper Århus Stiftstidende by Prince Henrik that Frederik, Mary, Christian, Joachim, Nikolai and Felix were all at Marselisborg for Easter with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik.

TV 2/ØSTJYLLAND video clip (1:13)
'Østjylland i dag' (East Jutland today) tells of the royal family in residence at Marselisborg and shows John and Susan Donaldson leaving in the afternoon on Saturday, perhaps they were there for lunch? Normally the public can enter the park surrounding Marselisborg except when the royal family is in residence.

TV 2/ØSTJYLLAND video clip (1:50)
Some locals go to Marselisborg to catch a glimpse of the royals at Easter, but that isn't the only thing of interest (referring to a gentleman interviewed who went to see his grandson who is a guard). Also a guard on parade faints and is niftily carried away to recover.

TV2 video clip (0:25)
The regent couple spend Easter in Århus.

(thanks jema!)

Just screencaps: 1) Queen Margrethe arriving, 2) John and Susan Donaldson leaving around 3:30pm, and, 3) the guards on parade (you can see one faint in the second clip)

From Århus Stiftstidende:

Prince Henrik exercises during the holiday.

5 April 2007 by Ivar Rønsholdt

Prince Henrik always fine tunes his shape during the holidays in Århus. The Easter vacation this year is no exception. He has played tennis twice with his old partners from Århus 1900 (a sports club), and he has been to the gym in the fitness centre and the bath complex three times.

"We-ve trained so hard that my old buddy, Knud Roding, is completely wiped out," said Prince Henrik jokingly yesterday, when he played an hour of tennis in the AGF hall (the largest sports club in Århus) in Fredensvang. And that was certainly true. Auto-dealer Knud Roding got a severe pain in the back, and had to be replaced for the doubles match of the day.

And it was Aksel Beck Larsen who quickly stepped in. The other partners yesterday were Mogens Hansen and Sven Eibye, both from Århus 1900. The latter has, just like Knud Roding, played tennis with Prince Henrik for 33 years. And they have also "taught" Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim, when they were boys and regularly visited Århus 1900 at the stadium during their stays at Marselisborg.
When the outdoor tennis courts are closed, Prince Henrik and his usual Århus partners play in the hall of 1900 at Lyseng Alle in Højbjerg. But in the Easter holiday this hall is used for the Danish youth championships, so Knud Roding had to rent a court in the AGF hall in Fredensvang. And this is because tennis must be played! To Prince Henrik a vacation at Marselisborg is not complete if he doesn't swing the racket.

This papers' reporter in Fredensvang used the occasion to ask the Prince what the DRF will have for dinner during Easter.
"Of course we are going to have Easter lamb and then we will have one or two of the traditional Danish Easter courses. And fish! I love everything from the sea. We are also having the special Easter brioche. We mix the French and the Danish cuisines and enjoy the fine products we can get here in Eastern Jutland".
Q: "And then the family will come visiting?"
"Yes, we will have all three grandchildren plus one on hold. We are very much looking forward to that. But I'm not telling when they will arrive," said Prince Henrik.

After the training sessions of the past days, his partner and good friend Knud Roding could say that His Royal Highness the Prince Consort is in excellent shape indeed. (thanks Muhler!)

Added: Newspaper Århus Stiftstidende reports the Queen, Prince Henrik, Frederik, Mary and Joachim attended the Easter Sunday service at Århus Cathedral. There were a couple of mixups reported in the story but the royal family all looked happy enough in photos though.

New: Tabloid SE og HØR is reporting that Marie Cavallier was at Marselisborg, met with the royal family and made marriage plans. We will have to see. Last week they claimed there were tensions between the couple and Marie was looking miserable. Hmmm!

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