Saturday 21 April 2007

Frederik @ the hospital

rederik has appeared briefly to talk to the press. Unfortunately there has not been any live streaming but clips will no doubt be available soon. We will post them here.

In the lobby of Rigshospitalet Frederik told the waiting media that it was just as beautiful as the first time Mary gave birth and the baby has quite a lot of long hair. He was asked if he got teary and he said "yes, I guess I did".

"How did Mary react when she saw it was a girl?"

"Like a mother to a newborn, with motherly love." (thanks DinahDK!)

Christian will probably not be visiting Mary and his new little sister today (so we may expect that for tomorrow).

Added: TV2 video clip (4.00)

Frederik was all smiles during a short press conference of 4-5 minutes. Frederik was naturally a bit excited and 'impatient' but everyone understood that he wanted to be with his family instead of the press.

The midwife says the princess is beautiful and maybe has some curls in her hair, the birth was very normal and if Mary wants to go home tomorrow she can.

Frederik said Christian was not coming now because it was his bedtime soon. And Christian DID know that there was something called 'baby'.

(many thanks to DinahDK, cph and Librian for the account from Denmark, especially as there have been no direct feeds from Denmark... and thanks to gudinde and jema for looking!)


TV2 article 'Stolt Frederik: Smuk fødsel' Frederik: a beautiful birth


Crown Prince Frederik said it was a beautiful birth, and that he was more prepared this time than last, because he knew what to expect. When asked he admitted that the baby's birth brought tears to his eyes. Prince Christian is at home, probably getting his dinner at the moment. The Crown Princess was hospitalised at 10am Saturday morning and the baby girl was born some 6 hours later after a quite normal birth. The baby was very beautiful with pink skin and a lot of black hair, with a tendency to curl, 50 centimeres and 3300 grammes. (thanks santa!)

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Blogger Marilyn Braun said...

That is absolutely thrilling! After all of the boys, Queen Margrethe must be thrilled to have a grand-daughter.

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