Saturday 21 April 2007

Mary from announcement to labour

Crown Princess Mary has gone into labour and we are now posting a look back at every appearance made by Mary since the announcement of her second pregnancy on 26 October 2006. Mary's pregnancy with Christian went from February to October 2005 and this second one has gone from August 2006 to 21 April 2007 (unless Mary has a long delivery and gives birth tomorrow - not likely though with a second delivery). The first photo in the series was at a nursing conference on the morning of 26 October 2006 at a time when there was widespread speculation that Mary was pregnant. Later that afternoon, around 3pm local time, the court published the announcement on Frederik's and Mary's website. The announcement came as no surprise and was widely anticipated. Of course the greatest speculation is about the gender of the coming baby. If it is a boy it will maintain a 100% record of male births in Queen Margrethe's line. If the baby is a girl, it will be the first princess born in Denmark in over 60 years (Queen Anne-Marie, Queen Margrethe's youngest sister was born 30 August 1946).

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