Saturday 24 May 2008

Miss Marie Cavallier’s Bridal Bouquet

Miss Marie Cavallier’s Bridal Bouquet

The Wedding of His Royal Highness Prince Joachim and Miss Marie Cavallier on 24 May 2008

The bridal bouquet contains winter barley from the fields of Schackenborg as well as the more than 200-year-old myrtles from Fredensborg Palace that have been included in all Royal bridal bouquets since then.

White French lilies/longiflorum flowers have been cautiously taken apart and carefully sown together again into smaller heads of lilies. The bridal bouquet is filled with small delicate cream-coloured roses and pistachio-coloured greenery. The bottom of the bouquet is covered with green Camellia leaves from Munch & Levison’s more than 100-year-old Camellia tree.

The white lilies have been chosen for the bridal bouquet because the late Queen Ingrid’s bridal bouquet contained lilies at the Royal wedding on 24 May 1935.

The bridal bouquet is the work of Jan Munch, Munch & Levison.

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Blogger logansrest said...

Marie, now Princess Marie, looked sooo beautiful. Understated elegance. All the way from South Africa, I wish them a happy and contented future.

11:59 pm  

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