Saturday 24 May 2008

Joachim & Marie: wedding news

  • I will add news here as I find it (not including court announcements)

  • Berlingske Tidende 'Brudepige melder afbud' - one of Marie's bridesmaids will not attend because she is ill with a fever. Benjamin Grandet, one of Marie's brothers has sent apologies that the family will not be able to attend

  • Marie's Danish citizenship becomes effective on saying 'yes' to Joachim. An adjustment to Joachim's appanage has also been approved by the Danish Folketinget. Parliament approves Danish citizenship for prince's fiancee

  • Billed Bladet (and TV2) is reporting Marie received her first wedding gift from Prince Joachim last Monday. The present is an all new Cadillac CTS. The car was delivered to Schackenborg on a trailer and Marie inaugurated it immediately with a drive on the castle square, Billed Bladet writes. Marie Cavallier has previously said she doesn't have a driving licence.

  • Berlingske Tidende reports on the Danish National Culinary Team behind the wedding reception. The official Danish Culinary Team (chefs and confectioners) will prepare the royal wedding menu. Prince Joachim is the patron for the highly-esteemed national chefs. In return for Prince Joachim's patronage of the team, they offered to be in charge of the menu for the prince's wedding reception and dinner. The national team includes well known chefs and confectioners from all over Denmark. To prepare for the wedding reception there are a total number of 26 cooks and six confectioners. The pinnacle of the work, the wedding cake, is made by national team members Daniel Kruse from Søllerød Kro, Peter Finne from Farum café and leading confectioner Gert Sørensen.

  • B.T. reports Crown Prince Frederik and close friends of Prince Joachim have scissors ready to clip the bridegroom's socks after the wedding waltz - a fun Danish tradition.

  • Jyllands Posten photo gallery - out and about in Møgeltønder, including Marie's stepfather Christian Grassiot and Roger Moore and his wife

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