Saturday 21 April 2007

...more on the new little princess

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik are on the way from Fredensborg to visit Mary, Federik and the new little princess at Righospitalet. The Queen is said to be overjoyed.

* a daughter born 21 April 2007 at 4:02pm at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen
* weight 3.35kg (7 lbs 4 ou)
* length 50cm
* the first royal princess born in Denmark since 1946
* natural birth with a labour of six hours
* the baby cried after birth and she is pink (ie: no jaundice which affected Christian) with a lot of long dark curly hair
* she scored a perfect 10 on the apgar test
* mother and child can go home tomorrow
* the Danish flag will be flown to celebrate the birth of a royal child
* artillery salutes will be given at 12 o'clock Sunday at the Sixtus Battery in Copenhagen and at Kronborg Castle
* bonfires will be lit throughout Denmark to 'spread the news' of the birth
* the Queen and Prince Henrik stayed for about 25-30 minutes when they visited

TV2 video clip (7:44) Frederik's press conference

Jyllands Posten Web TV of the press conference

Danish Royal Court
The birth of a Royal Child
Amalienborg Palace, 21st April, 2007

Throughout history, the birth of a Royal Child has been accompanied by traditions and official celebration. Today, the birth of a Royal Child is celebrated by gun salutes, and public authorities will fly the Danish flag, etc.

After Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess has given birth to a child, salutes will be fired from the Battery Sixtus on Holmen in Copenhagen and from Kronborg Castle at Helsingør. The four cannons used at the Battery Sixtus date back to 1944. They are operated by Navy personnel. The 17 cannons used at Kronborg Castle date back to 1766-1769. They are operated by gunners from the Army. In both places, black powder will be used.

Both Battery Sixtus and Kronborg Castle will fire 21-gun salutes. If the Crown Princess gives birth before 12 noon, salutes will be fired the same day at 12 noon. If the Crown Princess gives birth after 12 noon, the 21 shots will be fired the following day at 12 noon.

Cannon salutes have been used as a signal to announce great events throughout history. At the time of the Vikings, special signals in the form of beacons were used to announce important events

Flying the Danish flag
Official Denmark celebrates the birthdays of specific members of the Royal Family by flying the Danish flag. This is also the case in connection with the birth of a Royal Child. If the Crown Princess gives birth before 12 noon, flags will fly the same day from 12 noon. If the Crown Princess gives birth after 12 noon, flags will fly from official buildings as well as ferries, etc. the following day...

Politiken (Danish) 'Kronprins Frederik: Stort at få en pige'

Berlingske Tidende (photo of a happy Frederik)

"It was a beautiful birth," said Crown Prince Frederik. He said that the birth took six hours and that considering the circumstances Crown Princess Mary is (feeling) super."

"One wasn't as afraid as the first time. Then it was like standing with a piece of Flora Danica [delicate Danish porcelain]," said the Crown Prince. He said that Prince Christian knows that a new baby has arrived, but that he probably will not see his little sister until Sunday.

"He is at home and is probably eating. It's soon bedtime for him," said the proud father.

He said that it was up to Mary how long she will stay at the hospital.

(translation by Muhler of virtually identical articles by Jyllands Posten and TV2)

Apparently Frederik was asked if they had a name yet. He said with a spark in his eye, that that could not be ruled out. (thanks Librian)

Billed Bladet (in Danish) 'Mary fødte en prinsesse'

It's a little princess for Mary The Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne)


New: More photos!

Madeleine Glindorf's gallery (thanks Madeleine!)
Søren Steffen's gallery

* Many thanks to all the friends of the blog who have helped with minute by minute updates from Danish TV, translation and links. It is just after 4am Sydney time so one of us is off to bed! But we will have so much more very soon and lots of stories, photos and video clips to come. Special mention and thanks to DinahDK, Librian, gudinde, Benedikte, jema, cph, santa, mayflower and last but not least, Muhler.

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