Thursday 4 January 2007

Marie Cavallier rings in New Year with Joachim, Alexandra, Nikolai, Felix & Martin

Billed Bladet reports this week that Prince Joachim celebrated the New Year at his apartment at Amalienborg with family and closest friends, including his girlfriend Marie Cavallier. As we know, Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra are determined to provide a civilised and cohesive family experience for their boys Nikolai and Felix. Joachim's developing relationship with Marie Cavallier introduces a new dimension to the family dynamic, which includes separate households and Alexandra's relationship with her boyfriend Martin Jørgensen. For Joachim New Year's Eve was an occasion to bring everyone together for a champagne dinner and a gathering of family, which now means Joachim, Alexandra and Martin and the boys. As we know, Nikolai and Felix had spent Christmas Eve at Fredensborg with Prince Joachim and all the other descendants of Frederik IX (Margrethe's, Benedikte's and Anne-Marie's father).

Through the afternoon and at the dinner at Amalienborg on the 31st, Alexandra and Marie had the opportunity to meet and to join in with Joachim's longtime friends from his schooldays at Krebs School as a small boy, Oscar Siesbye and Michael Darsberg (and their kids), in a gathering of Joachim's closest circle. They partied until midnight and saw in the new year heralding a new situation with respect to the relationship between Joachim and Marie and her exposure to the blended family.

The next day of course was New Year's Day, and a formal day at the royal court. In the evening Joachim and Alexandra were at the Queen's New Year court and banquet at Amalienborg. Alexandra was escorted by the captain of the the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, Kai Rasch Larsen, and her private secretary Christine Lyng was escorted by Prince Joachim's private secretary Kurt Bache.

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Hello from Sydney, Australia.. I am an avid reader and thank you so much for dedicating so much time and effort to search for articles and photos of the royal family.. especially Princess Mary, Prince Frederik and Prince Christian. All the best for the New year!

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