Sunday 31 December 2006

DRWs review: Mary's style in 2006

Here is a look at Mary's style in 2006:

In the daytime:

In the evening:

Gala and formal events:


Some of the jewellry we have seen this year, including Mary's wedding ring, engagement ring and Georg Jensen watch (last photo):


We look forward to Mary's style n 2007! Many of you will have noticed, as we have, that Mary is a great recycler of clothes, shoes, hats, bags, belts and jewellery. It is quite a bit of fun to 'spot the recycled' and guess the designer/maker. Good spotting in 2007 for those who like this kind of thing! There are likely to be many chances to see the recycled items in Mary's wardrobe.



Blogger Unknown said...

A very nice log.
I like Mary's style so much.
DRW's is fantastic.
Many pictures of this page aren't at other web-logs.
Always up-to-date.
Keep going!
Good luck

3:38 pm  

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