Sunday 31 December 2006

DRWs review: Mary in 2006

Mary has had a busy year being a new mother, getting back to work, and now has the happy news of a new baby on the way. Mary made a visit to Prague and a much covered and commented upon visit to Vollsmose in Odense. Mary has consolidated her relationships with organisations of which she is patron and made many visits and supportive efforts of behalf of many organisations for which she is patron.

Mary at the Heart Association's family course:

See what happens after Mary gets in the front door! More photos at
Danish Mental Health Fund - Mary's visit May 13

Some of Mary's appearances for her patronages this year from the DRWs archives:

Mary checks in on kids and the catwalk 9 February 2006
CPss Mary attends Heart Foundation anniversary
Crown Princess Mary at Brain Injury conference 4 April 2006
First look at Crown Princess Mary's portrait
Mary presents the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship 25 April 2006
Crown Princess Mary launches Heart Week 2006 27 April 2006
Mary opens Research Day 2006 in Odense 4 May 2006
Mary presents children's writing & drawing prizes 17 May 2006
Mary visits Christmas Seal home 30 May 2006
Mary presents wood industry design prize 8 June 2006
Mary opens new psychiatric hospital 9 June 2006
Mary at opening of CIFF fashion fair 10 August 2006 (The Copenhagen Post - Since 1998, fashion exports have increased by 65 percent. Last year, Danish fashion promenaded a DKK 19 billion (EUR 2.5 billion) turnover, leading fashion to surpass Danish design's former flagship, the furniture business, for the first time.)
Mary attends CPH Vision and Designers' Nest 13 August 2006
Mary inaugurates Odense Flower Festival 16 August 2006
Mary at Heart Association's family course 21 August 2006
Mary at the Nordic Child Protection conference 24 August 2006
Mary at Benneweis Circus benefit for mental health 10 September 2006
Mary attends WHO conference 11 September 2006
Mary visits child care centre 4 October 2006
Mary accepts donation for the Danish Mental Health Fund 6 October 2006
Mary marks World Mental Health Day 10 October 2006
Mary opens Anker Fjord Hospice 12 October 2006
Mary at Children's Choir Christmas concert 17 Decemeber 2006

On September 21 and 22 Mary visited Prague on a goodwill visit. It was the first night she had been away from Christian since he was born and of course Frederik was there to have a father and son time while she was away.

In the morning Mary attended an International Nursing Conference and the official announcement followed that afternoon It's official! Mary is pregnant around 3.30pm local time on 26 October 2006. Mary appeared the next day at the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Hungary 1956 gala as the patron of the Danish Refugee Council.

On August 29 Mary visited Vollsmose, Odense. It was declared a great step towards bringing together different groups within Denmark.

Frederik, Mary and Christian made a short visit to Australia:

In her private time Mary did what most people do, having a summer holiday, spending time with her family and and exercising to keep fit.

... and, Paris-based Australian artist Ralph Heimans painted a much-discussed portrait commissioned for Denmark's National History Museum at Fredericksborg Castle. There are two official portraits of Mary: one in The National Portrait Gallery, Canberra and now one in Denmark:



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