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Joachim & Marie

Billed Bladet has reported this week on 'situation Joachim and Marie', so we thought we would catch up on what a pretty reliable Danish magazine has to say. There is further confirmation they are back together, but no new photos of them together. The account is of the relationship beginning just over a year ago in secrecy, and then ending at the end of last summer, which they both confirmed at the time. When Billed Bladet was at Schackenborg Manor to photograph Joachim, Nikolai and Felix at the end-of-summer harvest, Prince Joachim had confirmed the relationship was over. But it seems the connection between the two was never completely severed and they have maintained contact the whole time. They have apparently decided to give the relationship another go because they had difficulty staying apart. Prince Joachim told Billed Bladet they would take it easy and give themselves time the last time round although it didn't quite turn out that way, but as always, he is very careful in how he speaks of his relationship.
“I had expected you would ask, but I have no comments on that, as it’s not about today’s event,” was the diplomatic reply from an otherwise clearly relaxed Prince Joachim last week. His happy smile says a lot, which is how it usually is. Prince Joachim has never used the words “in love” but he does consistently use the word "happiness" to describe his feelings. During his recent visit to Frederikshavn, Prince Joachim visited the fully rigged, four masted training ship "Danmark" in his capacity as patron. The royal visitor had asked to see how the 73-year-old sailing ship is being refitted at a cost of DKK 5 million, granted by the Danish Maritime Fund. The proud sailing ship is being transformed into a modern school for seamen, with new fittings and the latest computer-technology. Playfully Prince Joachim agreed to try a dramatic rescue drill.
“I immediately said yes when I was asked if I wanted to have a go myself,” said Prince Joachim, as he was strapped into the rescue boat. A few seconds later the boat hit the water eleven meters below with a big splash at a speed of more than 50 km an hour.
“There was a bit of Tivoli about it, but it was way too short”, was the royal comment after the catapult-like descent. But at the same time, his sparkling eyes showed that Joachim is happy again.
Billed Bladet continues its coverage of the relationship with a look at the other side. French Marie Cavallier is friendly, nods and says "hi". She looks like a 31-year-old in love who may feel like telling of her innermost feelings for Prince Joachim, but she has probably come to the conclusion that discretion is a better idea these days (referring to her first naïve encounter with the Danish media!). She did confirm however that she and Joachim's separation for 'contemplation' is over and they are together again. Two weeks ago they were together in Copenhagen enjoying the nightlife (reported here) and she is reported saying, “Copenhagen is a lovely city and we had a nice (hyggelig) evening together with our friends. Yes, it was a good and cosy (hyggelig) weekend. Now we are together again. And for Joachim and I it’s great. Really great. I feel so good.”
“What I said to you the last time was true," she said, refering to the end-of-summer break up. "At that time we weren’t together, and it wasn’t a lie, we really took a break. We were apart for a while. For how long, you figure out yourselves,” are the words from Marie, who used the period after the break up to really contemplate the relationship. The pause was good for her as well as Joachim. In just a couple of months they regained control on thoughts and feelings and together they reached the conclusion that they neither could, nor would, do without each other, says Billed Bladet.
They missed each other, so they had to meet again and the reunification was a success.
“Was it Joachim who made contact with you in order to restart the relationship?”
The question almost make Marie nod in confirmation, but at the last moment she didn't and laughed instead.
“I really can’t answer that,” she says leaving little doubt about who re-established contact.
“I’m just happy that everything went well. I only have positive things to say about Joachim and our relationship. And so I suppose there are also only positive things to write about it. I hope you will respect that," emphasised Marie, who already touched on the issue of thinking things through a year ago. There should be no rush about the relationship with Joachim, says Billed Bladet.
Marie Cavalier believes she has time to wait for love to develop and for the ties between her and Joachim to strengthen even more. Marie still has time as well as patience, but most of all, she clearly believes that there is potential and depth in hers and Joachim’s relationship. That’s how she has felt most of the time she and Joachim have been together and perhaps right from when they both met for the first time.
“I hope it will end well, because we ought to be happy,” she said during a period where she and Joachim did not have the opportunity to be so much together as they both wanted to.
But it appears there is a different plan this time round. Marie and Joachim are not just to see each other occasionally. That seemed to be a problem for them during the summer, so they will try and be together more the second time around. That indicates that the relationship between the two of them is very serious indeed. Marie laughs though when the talk touches engagement and meeting Joachim’s parents.
“Honestly, Joachim and I really haven’t discussed an engagement and I haven’t met Queen Margrethe. We haven’t talked about that at all,” says Marie, before she apologises that she has to go.
“Now I really have to go for a walk with my dog. I’m a bit busy, also with my work. Now enjoy your stay in Geneva. Take care," the pretty Marie finishes.
(A great big 'thank you' to Muhler for translation of Billed Bladet no. 50!)

Perhaps Marie inherited her talkativeness from her father? Alain Cavallier again backs up his daughter (which is kind of understandable) in B.T. by saying his daughter is warm-hearted, she and Joachim love each other and so on.

Recent photos of Marie in Geneva (leather jacket). It is possible to see from the sequence of photos that Marie was polite and friendly but did not 'co-operate' quite as much as she did earlier in the year when her inexperience with the media by posing for photos became such a talking point. It appears she spoke briefly and was on her way:

File photos of Joachim and Marie from earlier this year, with her dog in Geneva and on a brief visit to Schackenborg:

11.12.2006 H.R.H. Prince Joachim visits MARTEC (Maritime Training and Education Centre) as a patron of Skoleskibet Danmark in Frederikshavn.
While visiting the training ship Prince Joachim boarded a rescue vessel, which holds 17 passengers, and was dumped from a height of 11 metres.

TV2/NORD (video clip 2:00)
Article TV2/NORD article
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