Wednesday 19 April 2006

Danish royal roundup # 1

Here is a little roundup of snippets about the DRF, just so we 'stay in touch' with them all.

So what has Prince Henrik been up to? On April 14 (just before Queen Margrethe's birthday) the Prince Consort went to the Århus Tivoli amusement park to 'inaugurate' a new attraction called 'Tyfonen' (The Typhoon) in Friheden. There was a bit of a problem with the ride when the car Prince Henrik was in became stuck for 15 minutes after some celebratory fireworks interferred with the sensors on the machinery. While some technicians anxiously worked to fix the problem Prince Henrik maintained some high amusement park-style spirits by suggesting to the people below he could do with a cup of coffee and when someone offered a brandy he greeted that with big smile too! Prince Henrik seems to have no fear of these dare devil rides, as he has been on quite a few in his time and always appears to enjoy himself (or maybe that is what a royal HAS to do?) B.T. also reports that Prince Henrik will go to Thailand in June for the jubilee celebrations for King Bhumibol along with many other royals and state representatives from all over the world.

You can check out the photo gallery of Prince Henrik's visit here: Jyllands Posten
The story (in Danish): Jyllands Posten Århus
The same story (in Danish) B.T. fokus

In Billed-Bladet the romantic story of Joachim and Marie continues to produce some fodder.
Although it is customary for him to spend his time with the Queen for her birthday, this year it is assumed Joachim is spending time with Marie Cavallier.
It is Princess Alexandra's turn to have Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix (Joachim had them last year), and so she is going to go on a vacation with her boys and her boyfriend Martin Jørgensen according to Billed-Bladet. The regent couple and the crown prince couple went to church (see photos in post below) in Århus before arriving at Marselisborg Slot to mark the Queen's birthday, which fell on Easter Sunday this year.

Prince Joachim was busy before Easter though, opening two attractions in Jutland. On 11 April 2006 Prince Joachim opened the 'African Village' at Aalborg Zoo. At the village you can meet all sorts of animals who live in the African savannah. A very happy prince enjoyed his task, which you can see in some photos included here. The next day (April 12) Prince Joachim inaugurated a new national park in Jutland. The park is situated in an old stretch of bog land and is called 'Lille Vildemose Center'.
Links: 'Joachim opens zoo exhibit' (Danish)
and home

Meanwhile, on April 18 Crown Princess Mary attended a meeting of one of her patronages, Ungdommens Naturvidenskabelige Forening and The Danish Youth Association of Science (English). There was no fuss around this visit and it is only known because it appeared in the Danish version of the royal calendar, Andre aktiviteter.

Here are Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik receiving a gift of a model of Marselisborg Palace

From The Hobart Mercury (although we wouldn't swear to some of the 'facts' in this story, "kingaroo" = invention by tabloids, cabbage= !!!???, Marselisborg = not Baroque, built 100 years ago, you get the picture):

Young prince a bonnie Easter bunny

By Fiona Hudson

PRINCESS Mary's "baby kingaroo" looked more like a floppy-eared Easter bunny at his grandmother's birthday party.
Mary and her husband Crown Prince Frederik proudly showed off their six-month-old son Prince Christian as Denmark's royal family gathered to celebrate the 66th birthday of Queen Margrethe II.
The party at Marselisborg Castle was a double celebration combining birthday and Easter festivities -- including some uniquely Danish traditions.
As well as the usual chocolate eggs and rabbits, Danes enjoy a special Easter beer from their breweries.
The stronger, tastier brew is used to help wash down the traditional Easter Thursday meal of cabbage -- sometimes up to seven different types.
Danes also traditionally do large loads of washing over Easter in the belief that the clothes will stay cleaner for the rest of the year.
The royal family gathered at the baroque-inspired Marselisborg palace, the summer holiday home of Queen Margrethe and her husband Prince Henrik.
The Hobart Mercury

Hello! magazine 'Mary's boy helps Queen Margrethe celebrate birthday'
B.T. (Danish) and Analyse Danmark conducted a poll and found nearly 60 percent of Danes think Queen Margrethe should remain on the throne, while 29.1% would like her to abdicate in favour of Crown Prince Frederik. The undecided were 11.9 per cent.

TV 2 some Frederik and Mary and Danish royal links (in Danish but not too hard too follow) more Frederik and Mary links (in Danish but a picture speaks a thousand words!)

Soon we will have some Princess Benedikte news (hint: it involves one of her great loves, horses!).

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