Saturday 17 June 2006

Joachim, Alexandra, Nikolai and Felix

Princess Alexandra, Prince Nikolai, Prince Felixand Prince Joachim at Cirkus Arena in Møgeltønder last Thursday.

Now, we are not wanting anyone to get ideas, there is no reconciliation going on here. Prince Joachim, Princess Alexandra, Nikolai and Felix have a tradition of attending this annual circus at the village of Møgeltønder, where Schackenborg Manor is located, as a fundraiser for one of Princess Alexandra's patronages, the Children's Cancer Foundation. As Prince Joachim said in his recent interview with Billed Bladet, he and Marie Cavallier are still seeing each other. There have been reports this last week that Princess Alexandra has finished her relationship with boyfriend Martin Jørgensen. But, as has been emphasised a number of times since their divorce, Joachim and Alexandra are on the best of terms as friends and each supports the other for both their own and their children's happiness. Certainly Nikolai and Felix looked very happy with their popcorn and their front row seats at the circus.

This second photo is from the circus visit this time last year (2005).

B.T. 'Alex and Joachim together at the circus'
B.T. photo gallery click on 'Billedserie' for photo gallery
TV 2 'Cirkus Arena i Møgeltønder' (in Danish)

13 June 2006. Princess Alexandra of Denmark at the opening of the new tropical house at the Odense Zoo.

14 June 2006. Princess Alexandra attended a lunch hosted by the International Rotary Convention at Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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