Friday 13 June 2008

Joachim & Marie on honeymoon

Photos © starlounge/SeogHør/All Over

One of Denmark's tabloids hunted high and hunted low and found Prince Joachim and Princess Marie in Canada a couple of days ago. The claim is that the newlyweds spent time in the Canadian wilderness on the west coast and then went to Montreal where these photos were taken. Fortunately they don't look too perturbed by being 'sprung' at the end of their honeymoon, having escaped media attention up until now. Billed Bladet reports the couple are now at home at Schackenborg, having arrived back in Copenhagen last Tuesday morning. Joachim and Marie will be at home for a concert at Schackenborg on Sunday and begin their first official duties in Denmark during next week.

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Blogger Somebodyslapme said...

Are those cigarettes they are holding in their hands? It sure looks like it. Do they smoke?

9:57 pm  
Blogger lotte said...

Hi jenny,
Yes, they both smoke. Joachim has a pretty heavy habit, am not sure about Marie's, but this is the second photo I have seen of her smoking.

lotte :)

8:53 am  

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