Monday 9 June 2008

Frederik & Mary @ Kylie concert

Photo © Uffe Kongsted/ starlounge
On a hot Sunday evening last night, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were at the Kylie Minogue concert among an audience of 10,000 in Forum in Copenhagen. After the concert Frederik and Mary were invited backstage to meet with Kylie but didn't comment on the meeting when they left via the stage door. Frederik's old school friend, Julie Mølsgaard, went along with them.

Photos © Uffe Kongsted/ starlounge and TV2

TV2 article 'Svedigt Kylie-show i Forum' - about Kylie's concert. The 152cm 40 year-old Australian packed a punch in a spectacular concert in 40° heat divided in two parts...
B.T. 'Kylie tog kegler' - Kylie [delivered] a hit (review by Jan Have Eriksen)
Kylie Minogue delivered a super show on Sunday evening in Forum.
We start with the end.
It happens only on pretty special evenings that Kylie Minogue sings her old 80's monster hit "I Should Be So Lucky". That's what one of her fan sites maintains.
But just yesterday evening in Forum we were so lucky.
In an already over-heated concert hall La Kylie delivered the old Stock, Aitken and Waterman classic with an ultraviolet disco ball.
You can only have the great r.e.s.p.e.c.t. for 40-year-old Kylie.
More or less ever since 1987's "I Should Be So Lucky" and at Forum yesterday evening, Kylie has only ever made the right choices.
She will never become powerful singer like Celine Dion or a generation's icon like Madonna.
But she has surrounded herself with good producers, song writers, advisers - and designers.
And by the way she has a lot of shoes. She said at one time: "There haven't been any tragedies in my life. Only tragic outfits."
We all know that it isn't true.
But that says everything about Kylie's "X2008" show.
It was an evening of extreme extravaganza...
The last tour "Showgirl-The Homecoming Tour" - which hit Aalborg a year ago - was a tribute to Kylie's career, the fans and life.
In May 2005...Kylie faced death in connection with a cancer operation [and treatment].
The new show was a mix of equal parts science fiction, Broadway, electronica, futuristic pop, sultry night club, elegant sexy dancers and changes of scene - more frequently than an average Danish politician changes his mind - and in the middle of it all the little figure in the centre was clearly under the influence of a sympathetic audience.
Well the neighbour's sweet daughter is today a vamp with both X, sex and witch factor, but also a human being.
The show is built on seven themes with a clear dominance of new songs, especially from "X" from 2007.
It starts very electronic, very disco and a lot of house. After an hour it is rather monotonous. But just as I would report house is over... Danish Cutfathers and Jonas Jeberg [contributed] "Like A Drug" (in their tribute), the brilliant "2 Hearts" and we heard the excellent ballad "Flower", which strangely enough was discarded from "X". Without a melodious change (and a little recognisable for the non-fundamentalist Kylie fan), this would be too much top-heavy beat. And this is even though "Your Disco Needs You" and "Kid's" are better live.
With all the senses - the sex-plosion Kylie still resounding in my ears, eyes, mind and diaphragm, I left Forum elated.
But I couldn't avoid thinking what was next for the pop singer Kylie Minogue?
Maybe "Flower" bodes something new?
Kylie Minogue, "X2008", Sunday evening in Forum photo gallery
TV2 gallery of Kylie's concert

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