Saturday 24 May 2008

The Bridegroom's arrival

The Bridegroom's arrival

The Wedding of His Royal Highness Prince Joachim and Miss Marie Cavallier on 24 May 2008

The bridegroom, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix arrive at Møgeltønder Church by Krone 65.

Krone 65 belongs to Prince Joachim and was purchased in May 2007 to replace the Prince’s previous car. The car serves as Prince Joachim’s official and representative vehicle in connection with events taking their departure from Schackenborg Manor. On such occasions, the car is usually driven by chauffeur Peter Linnet. After the wedding, the car will also be used by Princess Marie.

Krone 65 is a Maserati Quattroporte which, as the name indicates, is a four-door car from Italy. The car has been produced in five generations, all of them with an interval of about five years. Krone 65 belongs to the last generation, i.e. generation V (2004-2008).

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