Saturday 13 January 2007

Marie Cavallier & Billed Bladet have a chat in Geneva

Billed Bladet sent their journalist Ulrik Ulriksen to Geneva last week following Marie Cavallier's New Year in Copenhagen. The Danish media knows the habits and routines of Marie Cavallier well by now: walk her dog Apple, walk to work and perhaps walk to a local shop or two. Marie has always been very polite to the journalists who dog her footsteps in Geneva. At least Billed Bladet has not been as intrusive as some Danish tabloids and it appears Marie may have learnt a little more about the wiley ways of reporters. Still, Marie Cavallier does seem to be very open and polite and that can be a dangerous thing in the face of a hungry media!

Here is a translation of Billed Bladet's report on Marie's cosy evening with Joachim's family.
“I’m really well. Very well. That must be obvious to everyone,” said a good humoured Marie Cavallier, when Billed Bladet met Prince Joachim’s 30-year-old French girlfriend in her hometown of Geneva just a few days after arriving home from her stay in Copenhagen for New Year.
In particular there was the experience of a New Year party at Amalienborg Slot, where Marie stayed in the Christian VIII Palace until she went home on January 2.
At the party she was introduced to the closest friends of her 37-year-old boyfriend. Joachim’s old school-mates from their time at Krebs School, their better halves plus their children all received Marie well, which gave her already healthy confidence a boost.
The biggest experience by far was not so much being with Joachim’s many friends. The greatest impression was the meeting with Princess Alexandra, age 42, Martin Jørgensen, age 28, Prince Nikolai, age 7, and Prince Felix, age 4, who all together with she and Prince Joachim had a great time at the New Year party at Amalienborg. The meeting between the two fairly newly established couples and the two young princes went well, resulting in a cosy family evening.
Marie does indeed smile when the talk turns toward the big evening at the palace. She declines to go into details when asked to describe the meeting with Alexandra. When asked directly whether it was a good experience to meet Alexandra and the two princes, she nods slightly and smiles. It was of course nice to have a good time (hygge sig) together with the mother of the two children who Marie may very well see a lot more of in the future.
“It was a lovely evening for the little princes and all the other children who were at the palace. It was a cosy (hyggelig) family evening for everyone. But about my meeting with Alexandra and the small princes I do not want to say much more. That is way too private and I hope you will respect that. But it was a great evening at the palace. A good party. We had a really nice time all of us together at the party. Definitely. And I feel great after the day in Denmark with Joachim,” says Marie, who is not hiding that she is comfortable with both Joachim’s sons as well as his many friends.
That is one of the reasons why Marie is in a particularly good mood after the New Year vacation in Denmark. Because even though being together with Joachim has first priority, it also means something too that Marie is fine with the many people around her boyfriend. A few of the most important were not present at the party at Amalienborg, but the rumours are certainly strong. Marie is said to have met Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik and the Crown Prince couple.
“No, you really have to stop. I really can’t answer whether I have,” laughs Marie, who has quickly learned that discretion is important if you are to be in royal, and loyal, circles.
“You had a new ring on recently, is that a gift from Joachim?”
“It’s true I had a beautiful ring on when I was in Denmark for New Year's Eve. But it’s not a ring I’ve received from Joachim. If I had received a ring from Joachim I would still have been wearing it on my finger now. And as you can see, I wear no ring. So, we are not engaged,” emphasises Marie, who seems pretty amused by the question. There is no doubt though that it is utterly and completely true when she says that she is “really well”.
She radiates energy. When she is standing and talking with typical French facial expressions, she is very charming and carries herself with a glow and a relaxed confidence which is impressive. She’s a cool woman with style. And she has the qualities needed to steer clear of the cliffs if an engagement should become a reality one day and takes her nearer the title of princess. Right now, an engagement is just not a subject at all for Marie.
She indicates this with a resigned shake of her head when Billed Bladet asks whether an engagement is around the corner. The shaking of the head is accompanied by a grin and a cheerful expression. Marie will only acknowledge that she and Prince Joachim have been sweethearts for well over a year now. They have known each other for more than two years, but have not been together all that time.
“We have been together for about a year and a half I think. Certainly no longer. It’s been a good time, even though we broke up with each other at some point. But all in all, it has been a great period. It’s been really great,” says Marie as she effectively brushes her fringe away from her eyes.
Marie's life in Geneva is at high speed these days, both on workdays and on the weekends as well.
“At the moment I put a lot of effort in at my work, where there is plenty to do. And then, I ski on the weekends. I’m on the slopes each weekend if it is possible. I simply cannot do without that. I don’t know whether Joachim and I are going on a skiing holiday together this year. I’ve simply been so busy with my work that I don’t know whether I will find time to do it. Anyway, I never plan very far ahead, so I don’t know what will happen next week,” Marie says, with a hint of a cold. Nothing much in particular, but it's enough to keep someone home from work.
Marie has no intention to stay home from work when she chats with Billed Bladet on what is her last day off in a nice long Christmas/New Year vacation of a couple of weeks. The next day she is due to check in at her office job in her stepfather's investment company.
“I’m not quite in top form. A little cold, but I’m definitely at work tomorrow. It’s my first day at work after the vacation and my boss will not accept absence because of a bit of cold and fever. Even if he has a 40C fever he is at work, so he demands pretty well the same thing from his employees, including me. If I call him and say I’m ill, he will still ask me to show up at work anyway. That’s just how it is, so I’m not absent from work very much says Marie, who has had some time off for visiting her boyfriend however.
She has in fact been more often to Denmark lately than previously in hers and Joachim’s relationship.
“Are you going to move to Denmark? And are you going to live in an apartment like Crown Princess Mary did initially, who lived at Langelinie in Copenhagen before she moved in with Crown Prince Frederik?”
“No, really I’m not about to move to Denmark right now. And If I were going to Denmark, it wouldn’t at all be certain that I should live in an apartment like Mary,” was Marie’s last reply.

There is a note in the article which states that she is a very experienced skier, and that she probably out-skied Prince Joachim.
Many thanks to Muhler for translation!

The lastest photos of Marie on the run in Geneva:

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