Sunday 22 April 2007

A new Danish princess: update

Peter and Caroline Heering visit the hospital

* B.T. (in Danish) 'Viste prinsessen frem' says that at 9:30 in the evening Caroline and Peter Heering and Jeppe and Birgitte Handwerk visited the hospital.

* In its news coverage TV2 had shown the room where Mary is (obviously filmed beforehand), a simple room painted pink with two beds and a crib for the baby.

* Frederik cut the umbilical cord

* DR TV video clip (9:00)

* TV2 video clip (7:00) includes an interview with the chief editor of Billed Bladet the name of the new little princess is likely to include Ingrid for Frederik's grandmother and Henrietta for Mary's mother, shows the Queen and Prince Henrik's arrival at Rigshospitalet by car and anticipates their appearance in the foyer.

* DRTV video clip

* DRTV article (in Danish) 'En glad far til en rigtig prinsesse' the little princess has dark eyes and hair and pages of congratulations from the public (also in Danish)

* TV2 article (in Danish) 'Dronningen: En sød ny prinsesse' The Queen: a sweet new princess'

* TV2 article (in Danish) 'Den 21. april og de kongelige' (in Danish) the new little princess shares her birthday with Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Catherine the Great of Russia (Katerina II) among others

* Politiken (in Danish) 'Politiske lykønskninger til prinsessen' congratulations from Danish politicians, including the Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen

* Politiken (in Danish) 'Glad regentpar på barselsbesøg' about the happy royal grandparents who were babysitting Prince Christian at Fredensborg while Mary and Frederik went to hospital

* Politiken (in Danish) 'Jordemoder: En bedårende prinsesse' the midwife Birgitte Hillerup: an enchanting princess speaking about the birth and lovely new princess

* Channel 4 Britain 'Princess gives birth to daughter'

* TV2 News 15:45 (Mary is at the hospital)

*TV2 News 17:05

* TV2

* DR TV some charming video of Frederik and Joachim with the Queen and Prince Henrik as children, Christian's birth and the new line of succession
(Frederik, Christian, new little princess, Joachim, Nikolai, Felix, Benedikte, Elisabeth)
(thanks jema!)

It is around 7:30am Sunday in Copenhagen at the time of this post, so we will see what the new day brings....

Added: (thanks Mayflower!)
Sunrise news clip (0:30) Seven Network (Australia)

ABC Online 'Prince Frederik expresses 'great joy' at birth of daughter'

Århus Stiftstidende (in Danish) 'Danmark har fået en ny prinsesse'

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