Saturday 17 February 2007

Frederik & Mary at DR1 HIV/AIDS concert & telethon

Tonight Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have attended the concert and collection call centre as patrons of a Danish national fundraising effort between Danish television (DR1) and various aid organisations in Denmark to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. The DRTV fundraiser concert is in the Concert Hall at Tivoli in Copenhagen to be telecast on national television with hosts Reimar Bo Christensen and Signe Lindkvist. Mary and Frederik are official sponsors for the event and many popular DRTV hosts and personalities will be involved in the production. The first part of Frederik and Mary's visit was at the concert and then later at the Tradimus Call Center, Frederiksberg. The huge co-operative effort is between DRTV, church groups, aid organisations, members of the music industry, and, of course, the Danish people, who donate to the telethon.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary arriving at the concert:

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary arriving at the Tradimus Call Center:

An alarming fact is the motivation of the telethon: nearly 40 million people are infected with HIV world wide and 70 per cent of them live in Africa, south of the Sahara.

The co-operating participants with the Danish TV and radio network DR1 are:
UNICEF Danmark
Danish Red Cross
Save the Children Denmark

Some more links (sorry all are in Danish - we will bring more information in English later): - 'Danmarks Indsamling' skal bekæmpe udbredelsen af og følgerne af hiv og aids - ’Danmarks Indsamling’: Kim Larsen, Thomas Helmig og Kronprinsparret i kæmpe indsamlingsshow på DR1
Danmarks Indsamling - stop AIDS-katastrofen i Africa Denmark's fundraiser - project website and the site in English (for a general idea without specific info about the current project)
DanChurchAid article in Danish about the huge co-operative project between many Danish organisations to help stop the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa
DanChurchAid article in Danish about the Danish Church's 'first aid'/AIDS project in Tanzania
Save the Children Fund in Danish, already involved in ongoing projects in Ethipia and Kenya.
Unicef Danmark
DANSKSTOPPEN SUBNET music magazine in Danish about their involvement in the fundraiser. Many Danish music artists are performing for the benefit.

Wherever you are in the world, you can make a secure internet donation to this whorthwhile cause here

(many thanks santa and gudinde)

Added: from a special correspondent and friend of the blog we are adding these photos of Frederik and Mary inside the Tradimus Call Centre. More than 52 million DKK was raised last night. The third photo is of Frederik's aide-de-camp and Mary's friend and lady-in-waiting Caroline Heering.

(many thanks Benedikte)


The DR TV concert and telethon DR1 video - part 1 Danmarks indsamling video clip (1:25:11) Frederik and Mary arrive in the concert hall at 0:53:00.

DR1 video - part 2 video clip (1:30:00) Frederik and Mary arrive in the Tradimus Call Center at 0:28:30 and there is a 5 minutes of Frederik and Mary on camera talking to people taking the calls.

DR1 news video clip (1:10)
(thanks jema!)

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