Monday 12 February 2007

Mary visits Designers Nest & CPH Vision

Crown Princess Mary makes the Designers Nest award in Øksnehallen.

Yesterday Crown Princess Mary had two fashion dates, one in the late morning and another in the early afternoon. Mary made an official visit as patron to CPH Vision in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, during the afternoon. CPH Vision embraces affiliated design institutions and encourages the emerging talents of students in this arm of the fashion week events. Mary presents the Designers Nest Prize to the young designer who exhibits at the CPH Vision shows and who is deemed the most promising Nordic design student by a panel of five judges. The prize includes 50,000 DKK to help the young designer through the establishment of their career.

Jan Busch Carlsen of CPH Vision said there have been record numbers of visitors. The winner at Designers' Nest:
Anemone Skjoldager from Danmarks Designskole was the winner of the Designers Nest Award this season. She won a Chinese gold bar and coin from OpiumOne filled with good luck, and DKK 50.000 which hopefully will help her to reach her goals. Her design was feminine and sensual with a fine coherence between tailoring, patterns, colours and choice of material, said the judges. Daniel Palillo from University of Art and Design, Helsinki, and Jeppe Worning from Danmarks Designskole also received flowers on the catwalk – both for their menswear with new lines, fine manufacturing and consistent concepts.

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