Tuesday 5 May 2009

Frederik & Mary visit Marie & the new little prince

Today Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have visited Princess Marie and the new baby, as have Marie's parents Alain Cavallier and her mother Françoise Grassiot. The general mood of happiness at the birth among members of the Royal Family evidently continues. Friends of the couple have also visited.

Photos © Tariq Mikkel Khan/POLFOTO/Fyens Stifstidende, Martin Høien/Billed Bladet, Nanna Kreutzmann/Polfoto, Lars H. Laursen/Billed Bladet

Se og HØR (from late yesterday) 'Mary: Travl tante' is about Mary beng a busy aunt. It says the Crown Princess is looking forward to seeing the baby prince today after Mary was at several events yesterday. Mary was reluctant to give advice to the new mother, who had no doubt heard lots in recent days.
Se og HØR 'Frederik og Mary: Han er en lille fin fætter' - Frederik and Mary: He is a wonderful little cousin
Frederik and Mary arrived this morning for a visit after both being busy yesterday on official duties. Mary had a big bunch of tulips and they carried a bag from an expensive Copenhagen baby boutique. The journalist asked about their own baby-making efforts (yes they will). After an hour-long visit Frederik and Mary said Marie had given birth to a wonderful little cousin.
Mary also reported that mother and child were fine and that the little one kept his eyes closed during the whole visit.
On the way out of Rigshospitalet Mary and Frederik took their time to chat with a little Greenlandic patient, who sat in a wheelchair and followed the whole menagerie.
Shortly before Mary and Frederik came, Marie and Joachim had visits from Marie's parents Alain Cavallier and Françoise Grassiot, who divorced in 1998.
B.T. 'Mary og Frederik på Riget: Han er bedårende' - There are flash player webTV clips on the page, the first (01:26) after the visit, with a kiss between Frederik and Mary and the second (00:33), is of their quick arrival.
B.T. 'Mary og Frederik på Riget: Han er bedårende' - Mary and Frederik at Riget: He is charming
The Crown Princess and Crown Prince Frederik have visited the small prince for the first time. They had flowers and presents with them.
On the question as to their own plans for a family addition, Frederik answered cryptically: "That we must look see, we are still young."
Both he and Mary looked happy...
Before they disappeared into the lift to meet the family's newest member, Frederik answered that it was lovely to become an uncle.
After the visit the Crown Prince Couple said that the little prince was "charming".
"He is a charming little cousin, and we are very all very happy. He is a distinguished little lad," Frederik said before he and Mary left the hospital.

DR.dk 'Kronprinsen: Den står 3-2' - The Crown Prince: It is now 3-2
The following day Princess Marie's birth of a son, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess arrived at the University Hospital to see the little new prince, Ekstra-Bladet writes.
A convincing Crown Prince Frederik ascertained that it now stands 3-2 in the 'baby accounts' with Prince Joachim - but it's certainly no final result.
"We are young still," Crown Prince Frederik said.
On the question what it's like to become an aunt and an uncle again for the third time, Mary and Frede answered in unison: "Lovely!
Exactly a hour after the arrival Mary and Frede again left the University Hospital in each their car.

Billed Bladet - Joachim ahead of Frederik at 3-2 children
Billed Bladet - Marie's parents visiting today, with Marie's mother now arrived from Geneva
Added: Marie's father has visited the hospital each day to see his daughter and grandson and was joined by Marie's mother yesterday.
Billed Bladet 'Maries mor er ankommet fra Geneve' - Marie's mother arrives from Geneva
Françoise Grassiot was full of anticipation when she arrived to see her new grandchild for the first time.
Princess Marie's mother hasn't hidden how much she has looked forward to seeing her daughter's first child.
And it was with this anticipation that she went with her ex-husband, Princess Marie's father Alain Cavallier, through Rigshospitalt's foyer and over to the lifts.
Alain Cavallier had a little advantage because he had arrived [the day before] from Paris and so already has seen the little prince which was an experience he gladly shared with the press.
"He resembles me, so that he is very beautiful. I am very happy for my new grandchild," Marie's father reported with French charm and humour.

Billed Bladet - about Marie's parents' adventures with the glass doors at Rigshospitalet as they left in a royal car after visiting Marie and their new grandson.

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JPtv (00:33) Frederik & Mary arriving to visit and also Alain Cavallier

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