Saturday 24 May 2008

Floral Decorations and wedding stools
Floral Decorations and wedding stools

The Wedding of His Royal Highness Prince Joachim and Miss Marie Cavallier on 24May 2008

The floral decorations in Møgeltønder Church take inspiration from the flowers and grasses of spring and early summer, supplemented with the classical white lily and plumoses.

Plumoses were also part of Queen Ingrid’s bridal bouquet on 24 May 1935.

The atmosphere, colours and wedding traditions of Møgeltønder Church have been decisive in the selections regarding floral decorations. The colours are white with delicate cream-coloured nuances together with vernal green.

Along the aisle, the pews are decorated with bouquets resembling bellpulls, made up of roses, white full-blown lilies and greenery. They are draped with a white bow-shaped ribbon at the top, ending in a small golden ball. The bouquets on the pews reach towards the floor and frame the doors of the pews.

The flower chains at the windows are made up of roses and greenery ending in white bow-shaped ribbons.

The altar rail is decorated with white and delicate cream-coloured roses, small cream-coloured gerbera, and winter barley from the fields of Schackenborg supplemented with white lilies, pale green plumoses and virburnum. In addition: white candles with white silk ribbons and pistachio-coloured greenery from France.

Both sides of the altar are adorned with flower pedestals containing white belladonna/larkspurs, large white roses, white lilies, and fragrant cream-coloured roses on a delicate base of vernal green plumoses, whitish green virburnum twigs and winter barley from the fields of Schackenborg.

According to the South Jutland wedding traditions of Møgeltønder Church, the bride and the bridegroom sit in the middle of tightly bound roses in the shape of a heart, placed on the floor. The heart of roses rests on a green/vernal green base.

The floral decorations in Møgeltønder Church are the work of Jan Munch, Munch & Levison. They have been designed in cooperation with HRH Prince Joachim and Miss Marie Cavallier.

The Wedding Stools
The stools carry the name of Christian VI 1740 and were probably part of the furniture at one of the palaces. The stools were presumably presented to Count Schack in 1794 when the Count moved from Amalienborg Palace to Schackenborg after the fire of Christiansborg Palace. Since then, they have been part of the furniture at Schackenborg Manor.

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