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Friday 30 May 2008

Frederik's surprise party on the Dannebrog

Billed Bladet, B.T. and other Danish media reported Crown Prince Frederik celebrated his 40th birthday with a surprise private party on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog with his wife, parents, his parents-in-law and close friends. Instead of sailing, the Dannebrog lay at its usual buoy in Copenhagen's harbour because the weather was too heavy out on the Øresund on the day. They were no less festive however and still have another larger party to celebrate this coming Saturday evening in the Orangery at Fredensborg Palace.

After appearing on the balcony at Amalienborg Frederik thought that the rest of the day was to go quietly according to plan. But aboard the Dannebrog preparations were ready for a party to celebrate his 40th. A large cake, presents, flowers and wine were carried on board when the ship docked near Holmen. Because of the rough weather the ship had to return to its harbour mooring where 37 family and close friends boarded via the royal yacht's barge from Toldboden. According to reports the final happy visitors left the ship again at about 2:00am. Newly married brother Joachim and his bride Marie were not present, and will not be on Saturday either, since they are on their honeymoon.

Added: A couple more details from Billed Bladet (22, 2008) '40 fin og festlig' - 40 fine and festive (the usual expression 'Fyrre, fed og færdig' = Forty, fat and finished, by Anna Johannesen)
Frederik's birthday cake was in the shape of a sailing boat, complete with a number of marzipan guardsmen as mates. The cake was made by Miachael the conscript baker onboard Dannebrog.
It was Frederik himself who wished to celebrate his birthday onboard
Dannebrog and the plan was to sail up the sound between Denmark and Sweden, but that unfortunately had to be cancelled because the weather was heavy and windy. This was presumably in consideration of the waiters and less 'seaworthy' guests as Danneborg has braved much worse weather many times before.
The biggest problem with the guests was the wind, rain and wet cobble stones (think stilletos) in getting them onboard safely.

Above: The Queen, Prince Henrik, John and Susan Donaldson, Frederik and Mary board the barge at Toldboden.

Above from top: Holger Foss and Rose Gad, Peter Warnøe and girlfriend Julia Tholstrup, Count Ditlev Ahlefeldt-Laurvig and wife Countess Jean, Ellen Hillingsø's (behind) cousin and Mary's friend Rikke Juel Brandt, Jeppe and Birgitte Handwerk, Elisabeth Buchwald (left) and Julie Mølsggard, Helle Reedtz-Thott in a Henrik Hviid dress and with husband Baron Otto Reedtz-Thott, Ellen Hillingsø, Jørgen and Malou Skeel, Caroline and Peter Heering.

Photos © Hanne Juul/Billed Bladet and Hello/Rex

Billed Bladet photo gallery
Hello! magazine 'Frederik and Mary set sail for a royal 40th birthday party at sea'

And a little more from the Amalienborg balcony from Bunte.de

International Herald Tribune ' Thousands of Danes congratulate Crown Prince Frederik on 40th birthday'
The Associated Press - May 26, 2008
COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Thousands of Danes have gathered outside the royal palace in Copenhagen to congratulate Crown Prince Frederik on his 40th birthday.
Throngs of well-wishers were braving pouring rain Monday in the square outside the Amalienborg Palace.
The prince waved to the cheering crowd from a balcony together with his wife, Australian-born Crown Princess Mary, and their children: 2-year-old Prince Christian and 1-year-old Princess Isabella.
Frederik's parents, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, also joined in the celebrations.

The Copenhagen Post 'Poll: prince 'good guy' should wait to be king'

Madeleine Glindorf's gallery from the Amalienborg balcony
Søren Steffen's Amalienborg gallery

(Thanks Muhler!)

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Monday 26 May 2008

Happy 40th Crown Prince Frederik!

Photo © Linda Henriksen/Berlingske Tidende

It's Frederik's 40th birthday today and the family has appeared on the balcony at Amalienborg on a rainy day in Copenhagen. Isabella has made her debut on the balcony.

The Crown Prince Couple's website has some new photos to mark Crown Prince Frederik's birthday.

TV2 photo gallery
Berlingske Tidende photo gallery
Her&Νu slideshow (scroll down a little)

Berlingske Tidende TV (01:14)
Fyens.dk clip (01:14)
TV2 clip (01:08)
DR.dk NETTV (00:24)

More to come!

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Joachim & Marie: official photos plus

Photos © Steen Brogaard/¡Hola!/Berlingske Tidende

Official wedding photos from Joachim's and Marie's wedding were taken at Schackenborg on Saturday after the church ceremony by Steen Brogaard. Joachim and Marie partied into the night with their guests and stayed at Schackenborg for their wedding night. They took their time saying goodbye to Marie's family yesterday, some of whom went walking through Møgeltønder. Part of the entertainment during the night was a fireworks and light show. The midnight snacks included sausages from a typical Danish sausage/hotdog stand, the Børges Pølsevogn Stand, which was transported by Prince Joachim from Copenhagen where it usually resides on one of the city squares.

Added: According to B.T., Prince Joachim gave a very romantic and moving speech addressed to Marie at the wedding dinner at Schackenborg and it was in French. This meant that some of those who understood French apparently shed a tear or two. Marie's father also gave a warm speech expressing his joy that Marie had found Joachim and suggesting only the best is good enough for her. The Regent Couple did not give a speech on this occasion. The Regent Couple had spoken the evening before however at the party they had given at Gråsten Palace, where they expressed their joy about Marie and the marriage.

  • The Wedding Banquet at Schackenborg Castle
  • (Kongehuset.dk)

  • The Wedding Cake (Kongehuset.dk)

    Photos © Steen Brogaard

    B.T. 'Joachim og Marie: Bryllupsnat hjemme på slottet' - Joachim and Marie: wedding night at home in the castle
    They were celebrating together till the morning light with Joachim and Marie, who didn't really surprise by staying put at home for the wedding night.
    It was a beautiful wedding party for Princess Marie and Prince Joachim. The Danish royal family came in force for the wedding and then Sunday morning Marie's family and friends enjoyed the lovely sunshine in Møgeltønder and relaxed after the wedding.
    The party went until the early morning and was fueled by 18 bigband musicians from Prinsens Musikkorps who played the last number at four in the morning.
    There was dancing and Marie danced with several royals and got some firsthand experience as a princess.
    The atmosphere was still on a high when the last visitors from the wedding party left Schackenborg Castle at 5.30am. There was lots of laughter, fun and games among the younger guests.
    Some hours earlier the older generation had left, among them Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik.
    Crown Prince Frederik looked like he had a lovely evening when he zoomed out of the the castle in the small hours with Mary. He looked very happy for his little brother and on the way home to Gråsten Palace he drank a bottle of water in the royal car. It was needed to dilute Prince Henrik's wines...and the Danish sausages from the Copenhagen vender brought to the wedding party by Prince Joachim.
    Before the departure the Crown Prince took part in surrounding the bridal couple for the traditional bridal waltz with family and Joachim's best friends. It ended with Prince Joachim getting his socks cut up into peices [a Danish tradition].
    Both Fredrik and Mary now look forward to coming events, the marking of his 40th birthday tomorrow, and the subsequent party next Saturday at Fredensborg Palace for the popular Crown Prince and his wife.

    A few more photos (© Jyllands Posten/Berlingske Tidende/Bunte):

  • See Madeleine Glindorf's wedding photos

  • Jyllands Posten gallery of wedding guests

  • B.T.'s party and post party gallery

    Wedding highlights: DR.dk low ~ medium ~ high (28:32)

    B.T. clip (01:15)
    B.T. clip (02:32)
    B.T. clip (02:09)
    TV2/SYD (03:25) - after the wedding

    A whole bunch of TV2 wedding video clips:
    1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 7 ~ 8 ~ 9 ~ 10 ~ 11 ~ 12 ~ 13 ~ 14 ~ 15 ~ 16 ~ 17 ~ 18 ~ 19 ~ 20 ~ 21 ~ 22 ~ 23 ~ 24 ~ 25

    Thanks Muhler and thanks jema and mitchell!
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