Friday 14 January 2011

Mary, Frederik & the twins to leave hospital quietly, without flash

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Crown Princess Mary leaves hospital today with her newborn twins who were born on January 8, 2011 26 minutes apart. As they did with Christian and Isabella, Mary and Frederik will leave through the foyer at Rigshospitalet past the arrayed media. It will not be a drawn out departure, probably not much more than 10 minutes, and the media has already been asked to keep the noise down and they are not to use camera flashes. Some may remember the media 'shushing' each other at Christian's departure. One of the most relieved to be going home will no doubt be Crown Prince Frederik. Former sister-in-law Countess Alexandra revealed after her visit with her husband Martin and children princes Nikolai and Felix, that Frederik appeared more tired than Crown Princess Mary. She said Mary was up and about with lots of energy, while Frederik appeared more tired than Mary, but they are extremely happy.
From what we have seen Frederik has been very busy sharing himself between Rigshospitalet and Amalienborg, between Mary and the new babies and Frederik's and Mary's oldest children Christian, 5, and Isabella, 3. "I think they will happy to get home and start life as a whole family," said Alexandra.The twins have already been dubbed "double trouble" by their father. The names of the two newborns will not be revealed until Mary announces them at their christening.

While we wait for the exit... which is a few hours away. The exact time is not yet known, although Berlingske Tidende says between 3pm and 4pm, it is dark early in Denmark in January. For safety there´s a black line on the floor in the foyer where the twins will be presented and a partitioned area for the reporters to stand behind.

It is about one hour from now - it is 2:30pm in Denmark at time of this post... will try to post a link to view the departure.

The Copenhagen Post 2010 was the year of William and Ida

TV2 clip (1:41)
Reporters, photographers and cameramen have taken up position at Rigshospitalet ready to document the departure of the newborn royal twins, to be displayed to the public for the first time.
"It is quite hectic here in the lobby. There is a forest of camera tripods in place. PET (security police) has just been down and asked the photographers to move their equipment. There will be a fence up so that photographers and journalists do not get too close," says TV 2's reporter at Rigshospitalet.
There has been speculation why the two babies and Crown Princess Mary have been so long in hospital. A theory is that they, like their older brother, Prince Christian, had jaundice, which is relatively common in newborns.
Crown Prince Frederik was obviously pleased and proud when he met the press shortly after Crown Princess Mary had given birth to twins - a boy and a girl.
The exact timing of the presentation is not known but it is expected to be between 3.00pm and 4.00pm.

You may like to have a look at DRFGarden's YouTubes:
Mary & Frederik leave Rigshospitalet with Christian (2:32)
Mary & Frederik greeting waiting crowd at Fredensborg on arrival home with Christian (1:00)
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Mary & Frederik leave hospital with their baby girl (5:21)
Mary & Frederik arrive home at Chancellory House with Isabella (1:33)
Princess Isabella's christening Part 1 (8:19)
Princess Isabella's christening Part 2 (8:19)
Princess Isabella's christening Part 3 (8:10) clip (00:30) the twins will be shown in the afternoon
TV2 clip (00:42) the royal twins go home today and we see them for the first time
TV2 clip (11:54) in case you want another look, a very happy and relieved Frederik at his press conference on January 8

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