Sunday 15 April 2007

Little Christian looks familiar...

We know Billed Bladet (no.15 12 April 2007) was at Marselisborg to get the Marie Cavallier story, but they also saw Christian out for a walk with Ziggy while Frederik and Mary were at church on Easter Sunday, Christian on a walk with Ziggy.

He is not wondering about it himself, but his mother and father definitely are. In a few weeks Prince Christian will become a big brother and then the one and half year old heir to the throne will have a new playmate.

Prince Christian is still too small to tumble around with his bigger cousins Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix when they were together during Easter, where the three boys were visiting Marselisborg Palace.

That’s why Prince Christian was also looked after by his nanny while his parents went to the cathedral on Easter Sunday along with the other adults of the DRF. With the dog Ziggy the two of them went for a walk in Mindeparken (the Park of Rememberance) outside the manor, and in peace and quiet tried out some of the new playground equipment put up in the public park, which is a popular destination for the residents of Århus.

The Crown Prince also took his son to the daily changing of the guards behind the manor. Here the guardsmen prepare to march with music from their barrack to the main entrance, where they relieve their colleagues after guard duty in the sentry boxes.

Prince Christian generally got a lot of fresh air during Easter. Each afternoon he slept soundly outside in his pram at the Kavalerbygningen (the cavalier building wher Frederik lived while studying in Århus) where mum and dad could watch him through the window. He also went along on a few walks, when John and Susan Donaldson were visiting and Christian could enjoy the view from the shoulders his grandfather or father, that is, if he wasn’t running freely in the park to satisfy his curiosity, while mum and dad kept an eye on him. (by Ken Richter during his vigil outside Marselisborg Slot and translated by our trusty Muhler!)

Keeping to the Christian theme, Billed Bladet (no.14 8 April 2007)wrote a story about Christian's appearance in a story titled Daddy’s boy.

A lovely boy on daddy’s arm. Little Prince Christian is usually in a good mood, but he smiles the most when he is safe in the arms of Frederik. And, the smile of the Crown Prince is just as wide at that of his son.

Many ask who does Prince Christian resemble? Even though the soon to be eighteen month old boy has inherited features from both his parents the likeness with Crown Prince Frederik is probably the most dominating. The big blue eyes that gaze at the surroundings, a little appraisingly, of what is all that is happening all around? Even though mum and dad are right there, there are often so many new people close to Prince Christian, and the bright little guy likes to size them up. That’s why the smile is biggest when Christian is safely [in his parent's arms]. If he is standing on his own legs, he first looks a little more carefully at his surroundings, assessing and thinking.

Frederik received strangers in the exact same manner when he was Christian’s age. Frederik too had that almost imperceptive resere, which meant that he first sized people up before surrendering. In that respect father and son are already alike. But also the features seem to be the same. The big blue eyes are reminiscent of the great deep ocean, of which later in life Crown Prince Frederik has become so fond.

Crown Princess Mary’s beautiful eyes are brown, so Christian has thus inherited the colour of his father’s eyes. The colour of the hair is however different, even though both his parents have dark hair, Christian is just at this age a typical Nordic boy with blonde hair. That can change however, and it is more likely that Christian’s fine blonde hair, which is newly cut and now has a parting, will grow darker with the years.

The chubby cheeks which Christian has had since birth, was also something his father had as a toddler. Typical kid's cheeks, which has made both him and Christian charming. As Frederik grew up the chubbyness vanished from his face and it looks like the same thing is happening for Prince Christian. He has long since learned to walk and he can run now too, and all that exercise eats away the puppy fat.

Clothes wise there has been a change of style. Whereas Crown Prince Frederik was shown off in his fine white suit with blue collar and pocket, Christian is a boy who is allowed to move around. When he turned up with his parents for the first day in the nursery, it was in grey velvet pants, a blue striped peasant shirt and a duffelcoat. Practical clothing for a lively boy.

The kinship and likeliness between them is something that neither Christian nor Frederik can escape. And neither of them wish to. They are indeed two generations, but father and son are at the same time two princes who so much resemble each other. (rather lyrically written by Annelise Weimann and translated by Muhler)

Anneslise Weimann also wrote on Joachim’s Princes

The likeness between Prince Joachim and his sons can be hard to find, but it is there.

Prince Joachim’s two lovely boys Nikolai and Felix are a pair of true live wires, who are never afraid of trying something new. They are like their father when it comes to that, because Joachim will do most things. He has given this attitude to his sons, who are not only like their father when it comes to their minds.
On the outside, it is a bit harder to see the likeness between Prince Joachim and his sons. As a baby, Joachim had big, soft lips and neither Nikolai or Felix have that feature. But the shape of the mouth is the same, and the slightly watchful look Prince Joachim had has also been inherited by his sons. The round cheeks are the same as well.

As a baby, Joachim had the finest bright hair, almost completely white. Prince Felix is blond but Prince Nikolai has had dark hair since he was born. His father also got that later on.

There is no doubt that the children are like their father. And when it comes to interests as well. Cars are Prince Joachim’s big hobby and one of the first words, Nikolai could say, was “bil”('car' in Danish). Both boys know almost all car brands by now. It is well done by 4 year old Felix and 7 year old Nikolai, and their father is proud. (thanks ambiDK!)

On another family note, Billed Bladet reports everything is ready for Mary's labour at Rigshospitalet (where Christian, Nikolai and Felix were born). The clinic is prepared for the royal guest and the doctor and midwives are now on 24 hour stand by. Probably there is still some time to go, but Mary could start giving birth from now on. Prince Christian was born 2 weeks before term. For this reason the team, headed by Doctor Morten Hedegaard and midwife Birgitte Hillerup (pictured), is already on a 24 hour watch.

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