Tuesday 10 August 2010

After the twins announcement...

Photo © Uffe Weng/B.T.

On the day the official announcement of Mary's twin pregnancy, Frederik was sailing in Marstrand in Sweden in the Dragon Gold Cup 2010 and told Ekstra Bladet that "It is a double miracle". From B.T. Frederik was reported saying it will be quite a handful having twins. He said he didn't know how it would be to be a father of four, he supposed he will find out in six months. Frederik also said he and Mary had never thought they would 'make two babies', confirming what the Danish Court spokesperson Lene Balleby had already stated to the media, that the twins were conceived naturally. Prince Henrik, also at the Dragon Cup, had happily told Billed Bladet that even triplets would also be welcome. B.T. also wanted to know if it will be the end of baby-making after January. Frederik laughed, said that was funny, didn't answer the question, but said they would take it quietly, one day at a time.

Photos © Uffe Weng/B.T.

The Monday after the announcement Mary took Christian and Isabella for their first day of the school year. They are still attending nursery school but joined their schoolmates in celebrating the first day of pre-school for their former school chums (school begins at age 7 in Denmark). Since Christian was born at the end of the year Frederik and Mary have decided to keep him with his peers, although some of the older children in his group started pre-school on the day.
Billed Bladet (No.32, 2010) Mary i skole med Christian og Isabella - Mary to school with Christian and Isabella
Week 32 is the start of the new school year for many children in Denmark. That also included those attending Dronning Louise's Børnehus (= kindergarten/nursery school) in Fredensborg, which Christian and Bella attend. The kindergarten re-opened Monday August 9th after the summer holidays and Mary drove her children there.
On the way they stopped to see the big children who were starting in school at the nearby public school. Other children and parents from the kindergarten had also shown up with flags in the school yard, including some mates of Christian and Isabella.
Christian is a big boy, almost five, and he could start in pre-school this year but Frederik and Mary have opted to wait another year. But some of his mates from kindergarten started this week. Christian was left with his mates and Mary and Isabella went over to some of her mates and from here they saw the pupils on the way to school. It's hardly a secret that Mary is pregnant and many wished her well or gave her a thumbs up. Then it was on to the kindergarten. Bella had to get used to the idea that summer holiday was over and it was time for a new year in the kindergarten. (by Ulrik Ulriksen)

Photos © Billed Bladet/Ole Bjørk 9 Aug 2010

Princess Marie hasn't escaped the festival of babies. The day after the official announcement of Mary's twin pregnancy she was asked about the matter when she christened a rose named for her at a rose festival in Bogense. Billed Bladet's Ken Richter writes the weather was great and so was the turnout when Princess Marie visited Bogense. The news about twins had just broken so Marie was naturally also asked about her plans, "I hope I'll have more children - but not right now". As for Mary's news she said, "It's so lovely and I'm really happy for them. They are really fortunate." As with Joachim, she was also told when the family was gathered at Gråsten at the end the end of the summer holidays. Marie christened the Princess Marie rose in the crowded town square. Beforehand Marie had been taken for a tour through the town, including an exhibition of christening gowns, and just in case she should have missed the point, cardboard storks had also been planted here and there.
And in case she still didn't get it, her father-in-law Prince Henrik had expressed his delight at soon becoming a grandfather of seven and added that he wouldn't mind at all if even more grandchildren came along. There is a Billed Bladet photo gallery here of Marie's visit to the rose festival in Bogense.

Princes Nikolai and Felix had their first day at school on August 9 too. According to a B.T. report Nikolai is beginning fifth grade and Felix is starting second grade at Krebs School, the alma mater of their father and Crown Prince Frederik. Their first day arrival, together with Countess Alexandra and Prince Joachim, can be seen in this gallery. The suntanned princes can be seen with Countess Alexandra and Martin Jørgensen arriving at school here.

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