Thursday 5 February 2009

Happy 37th birthday for Crown Princess Mary!

Today Crown Princess Mary celebrates her 37th birthday. The family is in Denmark rather than visiting Verbier, as has been the custom. Mary has an engagement later this afternoon with one of her patronages, the premiere of the CIFFKIDS Trend Show at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen which is a part of the Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 at the Copenhagen Fashion Fair.

CIFF press releases (in English)

Billed Bladet 'Gense Marys forvandling i billeder' - See how Mary's changed in pictures
Quite a lot has changed since Crown Princess Mary moved to Denmark. Re-visit her first pictures and see how she has flourished.
Like all other women, Mary has also changed her style through recent years. Her hair has been coloured and restyled and her style has become more elegant. There's a self-assurance in the role of Crown Princess which shines out of her.
There is no doubt that Mary has left behind her luxury-hippie-style and loose clothes, to neat dresses, coats and gowns.
On the occasion of Mary's birthday we have gathered the best pictures of a Crown Princess, who has really flowered. See again pictures of Mary at the start of her royal life.

TV2 'Tillykke til kronprinsesse Mary' - Congratulations to Crown Princess Mary
Today will be old our beautiful Crown Princess Mary's 37-year birthday.
And probably, she has been woken up in bed with a song and flags by Crown Prince Frederik and not at all least by the children Christian and Isabella?
But even though it's the princess's birthday, she still has her royal a duty to see to. Today Mary is to participate in Copenhagen in fashion week. As patron for the Copenhagen International Fair Mary will be present at the fashion show CIFFKIDS, writes.
There follow many very warm birthday greetings for Mary from TV2 readers, including comments about her being a credit to Denmark and how wonderful it is that she has made Frederik so happy.

Berlingske Tidende 'Mary fejrer sin fødselsdag' 'Prinzessin Mary' (German)

Billed Bladet's gallery
B.T. gallery, again on the theme of charting Mary's changes over her nearly 5 years as Crown Princess gallery

More to come...

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