Tuesday 17 June 2008

Frederik & Mary summer tour 2008: Haderselv & Vojens

Today Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary begin their summer tour on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog of the south Jutland towns of Haderslev and Vojens. Prince Christian and Princess Isabella were onboard with their parents as the Dannebrog docked. With several hundred locals there to see them, the Dannebrog docked in Haderslev Harbour around 9:30am where they were greeted by the Mayor H. P. Geil and other local dignitaries. After a reception at Haderslev Town Hall where gifts were exchanged, the Crown Prince Couple went on a carriage ride through Haderslev's old quarter to Teatret Møllen - The Mill Theatre - where they attended a children's theatre performance of 'Oscar'. Later in the afternoon Frederik and Mary inspected a Defence installation at Skrydstrup where they also had lunch. Then it was on to the Fighter Wing facility at Skrydstrup, which included a M16 flight demonstration. In the mid-afternoon the couple visited the town of Vojens, and a visit to the sheltered workshop called 'Trekanten', where disabled people work. In the late afternoon Frederik visited a yacht shipyard and Mary visited a company called 'Eldorado' in Haderslev. They met up again for a visit to the Athletics Centre with a display of some popular sports with kids such as kickboxing and skateboarding. Later this evening Frederik and Mary will host a reception on board the Dannebrog. Afterwards there will be a torchlight procession of locals to farewell the couple and the Dannebrog as it sails out of Haderslev Harbour around 10pm.

Photos © Jydske Vestkysten/Hans Christian Gabelgaard/Annett Bruhn/Claus Fisker/Scanpix

Jydske Vestkysten on the gifts to Frederik and Mary - a knife made by a local knife maker, Bjarne Rasmussen for Frederik out of marshland oak and white mammoth teeth with the Crown Prince's monogram on it. The knifemaker has made everything from the blade to the sheath himself. Crown Princess Mary was given a pair of earrings, which a local jeweller Michael Weihe has designed and created. Inspired by the spring, sprouts are covered with four different coloured diamonds with each one representing a member of the Crown Prince family. One is the colour of champagne, one is green, one is clear and the last one is the colour of cognac, which symbolise the colours of Australian nature.
Jydske Vestkysten - on the gift to Prince Christian and Princess Isabella who received a rocking elephant to play in together made by Ledon from the local town of Arnum.

TV2 photo gallery
Madeleine Glindrof's photo gallery

TV2 news clip (01:35) on arrival
TV2 news clip (00:56) in Vojens
TV2 news clip (02:23)
DR.dk NetTV (01:21) on arrival

More to come!

Many thanks pogo99, jema, gudinde, ambiDK and mitchell!

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