Wednesday 4 June 2008

Mary, Christian & Amber go for a stroll for an ice cream

The summery weather in Denmark has inspired thoughts of ice cream. Yesterday Mary, Christian, Amber Petty, an unidentified friend (green dress) and Ziggy strolled down past the main gate at Fredensborg Castle to buy some ice cream cones. The ice cream kiosk is called 'Vaffelhuset' = The Cone House. An obviously delighted Christian got a cone with two chocolate scoops while both Christian and Mary showed their sun awareness by covering up. According to official meteorological information it has been the sunniest month of May on record, so anything cooling is selling well all over Denmark.

In respect of the below report in Billed Bladet, our best information from a regular listener to her radio program in Adelaide, Amber Petty is not pregnant. Apparently she stopped smoking during the past year and like many people who do this she has found she has put on weight. Petty has talked about it on her radio show and has said it has also added to her bad eating habits. Amber has spoken to her co-hosts since she has been in Denmark.

It looks like Christian has a brand new Blundstone baseball cap fresh from Australia!

Photos © Hello!/Rex, Lars Laursen/Billed Bladet

Billed Bladet has not covered itself in glory with its report that Amber Petty looks pregnant: 'Amber Pettys mave buler' - Amber Petty's stomach bulge (June 3, 2008, Preben Petersen)
Amber Petty, Mary's girlfriend of many years, showed a small, sweet bump when she walked out to buy an ice cream with Mary and little Prince Christian after the birthday party at Fredensborg Castle on the weekend...[some waffle about summer breezes]
Amber Petty was a bridesmaid at Mary's wedding and attended Prince Christian's christening. Mary and Amber maintain their friendship desptite the great distance between them.

From The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) Petty parties on
PRINCESS Mary's bridesmaid Amber Petty flew out of her adopted town of Adelaide last week to take up one of the world's hottest invites: the 40th birthday bash for Crown Prince Frederik in Fredensborg, Denmark.
It's a relatively intimate soiree with only 150 guests, which was being held last night.
After the festivities, Petty, 37, is taking a holiday break with the royals but she will give nothing away on the destination.
Petty has sure turned her fortunes around since the Danish press were aghast after photos were printed of her with Hell's Angels at one of her former boyfriend's pubs.
Now a top-rating breakfast radio personality on SAFM, Petty was recently named in a magazine poll as the fifth-most powerful person in South Australia, influencing those aged between 13 and 18.

Still on Amber, it was published a month ago in Adelaide Now she used a local Adelaide dress designer for her party dress.

Hello! magazine 'Aussie rules as casually dressed Mary treats little Christian to ice cream'

(Thanks Muhler, FrederikIX and thanks Sissi!)

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