Saturday 7 June 2008

Frederik awards Crown Prince Frederik Fund scholarships

Crown Prince Frederik with the 2008 scholarship recipients Jan Johannsen and Marie B. Foltmann. Photos © Steen Brogaard
LAST Monday (June 2) Crown Prince Frederik presented grants from the Crown Prince Frederik Fund at Amalienborg Palace. Frederik has awarded these scholarships for 15 years since he received a national gift on his 25th birthday when he was studying at Harvard University. The aim of the foundation is to give financial assistance to social policy and sciences students for a year’s study at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. This year Marie B. Foltmann and Jan Johannsen received scholarships, who both gave speeches of acceptance before the Crown Prince, the trustees, donors and previous scholarship recipients. Other recipients received smaller awards to advance their studies or their training in a sporting field.

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Crown Prince Frederik's speech Published Monday, June 2nd 2008

It's a pleasure to welcome you all to Amalienborg on the occasion of the presentation of this year's two scholarships.
It's as already mentioned 15 years since we began giving this grant.
It's the first time we have had a chance to get an earlier scholarship recipient's perspective.
It was exciting to hear what the scholarship has meant for Hans as well as to get to know about his career.
Both on the fund's behalf and personally it's lovely to hear that the stay at the Kennedy School as well as the scholarship has lasting importance.
We have a great depth among earlier scholarship recipients, thus I look forward to many [future] interesting contributions.
The year's scholarship recipients - Marie Bender Foltmann and Jan Johansen - will land in the middle of the presidential election campaign. That will probably contribute to a very interesting autumn.
The scholarship recipients are, as usual, the well qualified.
Marie Bender Foltmann studies finance at the University of Copenhagen. She was born in Ålborg, but has pursued her education in Copenhagen. She passed the [final high school] exam in 2002 at Christianshavns Gymnasium with the highest grade. Marie Foltmann has, apart from her studies, worked at the Danish Embassy in Washington DC as an intern, and has had student jobs in the Ministry of Finance. From 2006-07 she studied at the London School of Economic's and acquired an MSC Politics & Government on the European Union. In her spare time Marie plays handball. Marie also finds time for her musical interests, as she plays soprano saxophone in different groups.
Jan Johannsen is a politics student at the University of Aarhus. He was born in Holstebro, where he also went to high school. Jan Johannsen has spent a year in the Royal Life Guards. He has had a great variety of jobs, among other things as a teaching assistant at the Copenhagen Business School, the University of Aarhus and has carried out voluntary work for the FN Forbundet/Danish United Nations Association. Jan Johannsen has also been an intern at NATO. In 2006 he received the McKinsey Prize, which is given to the student with the highest grade average. In his spare time Jan does sport, including football among other things.
It's a pleasure to hand over the year's scholarships to these two highly qualified candidates, and I wish you a good and exciting time studying at the Kennedy School. (DRWs translation)

Above, Frederik gives his speech and the short and tall of it! (Anders Ekstrøm, Danmarks brydeforbund, Nicholas Jensen, Danmarks Ishockey Union og Niklas Landin Jacobsen, Dansk Håndbold Forbund). Other people present are receiving smaller awards to advance their studies or training in sporting fields.
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