Saturday 22 September 2007

Frederik, Mary & Isabella say farewell to New York

Photo: Stuart Ramsen/AP
Yesterday was Frederik's and Mary's final day of Denmark's Creative Nation trade and design promotion mission in New York. Frederik, Mary and Isabella left their hotel in Manhattan mid-afternoon for a flight back to Denmark from Newark NJ, which arrived Saturday morning Denmark local time. They are already reunited whith Christian. As they left the hotel Frederik carried Isabella to the car in her baby capsule and both Frederik and Mary took great pains to ensure she was buckled into place securely before getting in themselves and leaving with a smile for a special correspondent (thanks a!) who saw them off.

Before departing Mary and Frederik had visited the newly opened Bikuben Foundation Academic Guest House in New York. The house provides rent-free housing for 25 elite Danish students, artists and researchers working to upgrade their professional skills and further the internationalisation of Denmark. In past years, Denmark has experienced a boom in Danes being accepted for prestigious educational programs in New York, but many have been hindered due to high tuition fees and lack of affordable residences in New York City. The 1200 square meter townhouse dating from 1910 has been renovated using Danish materials and Danish design. The Crown Prince Couple met with the first generation of residents as well as representatives from Danish companies who contributed to the project with materials and products.

Bikuben Foundation NY (in Danish)
Kollegiefonden Biluben (in Danish)

Afterwards Frederik and Mary went to the Tavern on the Green in Central Park for a press conference (hopefully we will find more of this to post later).

Politiken 'Mary kastede glans over erhvervsfremstød' (Mary throws some shine over industry push)
Politiken 'Kongelig hæderspris til Vestas i USA' (Royal prize to Vestas USA) about the award of HRH Prince Henrik's Medal of Honour to the American arm of the windmill firm Vestas. This was presented at the gala dinner.
Politiken 'Mary og Frederik i USA: Trætte men tilfredse' (Mary and Frederik in the USA: Tired but Satisfied)
On the last day of engagements promoting Denmark's Creative Nation initiative in New York, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited the Bikuben Foundation's academic guest house in Manhattan in bright sunshine. At a press conference immediately afterwards in the Tavern on the Green in Central Park Frederik said that he and Mary were quite tired as it seems Isabella had been wakeful during the night, but very pleased by the work of the trade mission, which allowed them to meet many interesting people. Mary said there was a good platform to build upon for exchange of ideas and solutions and development of new networks and relationships between Danish companies, research and know-how and the US. Asked whether she had done any shopping, Mary replied their schedule had been very tight and she had only seen shops from a car window. Since Isabella had been waking very early she did have the chance to go out on early walks to SoHo and Central Park with her. Isabella was with them since she was still breastfeeding and they had talked to Christian on the phone, who is at home in Denmark with his grandparents. They were missing Christian very much and when on the phone with him, he mostly said "ja" (yes) when they asked him things and "find Daddy (far), find Mummy (mor)". Mary had worn mostly Danish designed clothes during the visit. Asked whether there was anything they would have liked to have done they replied, yes, to have seen a broadway show. They returned to Denmark from Newark airport on Saturday morning.
Frederik og Mary: Vi har savnet Christian (Frederik and Mary: We have missed Christian)
Frederik and Mary have finished the official visit to New York and most look forward to returning home to be reunited with Christian. With Isabella's first visit to New York and a packed schedule for the visit, the couple were tired (with Isabella waking frequently) but were looking forward to return to Fredensborg and Christian. They said it is wonderful to have children however, as Frederik said, it can be a challenge but Mary added that good routines and structure allow things to get done. Christian was with his grandparents. ... Then the partners/colleagues in royal duties, friends and lovers comment by Frederik, Mary walking with Isabella in the early mornings in SoHo and Central Park and that they would have liked to have seen the broadway show Mama Mia which they had heard was good, but didn't have any free time. They flew out on Friday afternoon for Denmark.

TV2 photo gallery

TV2 news video (2:29) part of the press conference in the Tavern on the Green in Central Park (part Danish, part English)

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Blogger Tatiana said...

Hi Lotte and Gigi, I know it's a personal question to ask about Mary, but I am curious if the reason she brought the darling Lillepigen (I can't call her Isabella yet because Lillepigen is too cute) is because she is still breast feeding? I just ask, because.... I think it is EXCELLENT of Mary to breast feed her babies. I know it various from mother to mother, baby to baby, but what never varies is the importance of breast feeding period. Mary would be setting the best example in this way, as she does in so many other ways, naturally. ;) I love your blog and I love all the news about the Kronsprinsparret but I wish only that there was more news from Prince Joachim and Prince Henrik. With more about them, it would be the perfect Danish Royal Watching experience. ;)

9:53 pm  
Blogger lotte said...

Hi tatiana,

Yes, as we wrote several times, Lis Frederiksen the press spokesperson, said Mary is still breastfeeding. She did the same for Christian and spoke about it in her WHO speech (look on their website).

We are behind with quite a bit of news - catch up will happen when it can. Henrik and Joachim are in that category.

lotte :)

11:07 pm  
Blogger lotte said...

Oh, and Isabella went to Romania too because of the breastfeeding...

11:08 pm  

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