Tuesday 18 September 2007

Frederik & Mary begin official visit in New York

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have started their official visit to New York to promote Denmark's Creative Nation. Today is the first day of engagements, which will continue until Friday. Five-month-old Princess Isabella is with her parents for the stay in New York, as she is still being nursed by Crown Princess Mary. The couple's 23-month-old Prince Christian is staying at home at Chancellery House at Fredensborg and will attend nursery school among his other normal routines while his parents are away. This is the longest separation Christian has had from both Frederik and Mary, as one parent has always been with him while the other has been away on royal visits. It is likely the separation will be harder for Mary and Frederik than for little Christian (speaking from experience!).

Photos: Yahoo/AP/Stuart Ramson

Crown Prince Frederik visits Lundbeck

Photos: Yahoo/AP/Jens Dige
Lundbeck invited Frederik to see the operations of a research-based affiliate of a Danish company, with a Danish-American cross cultural perspective to teach about depression, the impact on patients and families, and how modern treatment can make a difference.

Crown Princess Mary visits Bodum

Bodum has been very successful in the U.S. market with its affordable Danish homeware designs. Crown Princess Mary visited Bodum's showroom to help raise the profile of Danish design as attainable for all.

Crown Prince Frederik visited Arla Foods

Photo: Jens Dige/DI
Arla organized this visit to increase awareness of the export of Danish dairy products to the USA. Arla have used the Danish “Dairy know how” to establish local production in the US to ensure long term growth in this arm of the business.

Crown Princess Mary visited the Citibabes Nursery

bObles invited HRH the Crown Princess to showcase the American play space concept which is on its way to Europe and soon to be in Denmark. The event was a "child-style-reception" with a princess for a day theme, where Citibabes members showcased Danish design inside the modern family.
New York brings Danish design furniture into focus
Copenhagen Capacity news

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary at Takashimaya

Takashimaya is exhibiting 22 Danish fashion and design products throughout September. Guests of honour were the Crown Prince and Crown Princess and after introductory speeches by Store President Mr. Yoshikawa and Ambassador and Consul General of Denmark Torben Gettermann, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess toured the department store and saw the contributing designers on a special guided tour by Store President Mr. Yoshikawa.

DR news video clip (0:35) showing Mary and Frederik emerging from the Madarin Hotel in New York where they are staying, stopping for a mini photocall for the waiting photographers, before hopping in a car to set off for their engagements

Seven News clip (1:22) 'Princess Mary lands in US

North Jersey Media 'Prince in Paramus to foster Danish-U.S. business ties' - with some interesting info about what Lundbeck is working on.
"Lundbeck's U.S. facility has identified an area of the brain that controls stress and anxiety levels, and is experimenting with treatments that would block the messages sent to the brain that create those emotions, said Hualing Zhong, a molecular pharmacologist." And you can read how Frederik fared as a scientist...

New: Hola.com 'Mary de Dinamarca: 'Princesa de Guardería'' (Mary of Denmark: 'Day nursery princess') about the trip, a little about Mary, originally from Tasmania, and her visit to the day nursery in New York which is run by an Australian. The children were miniature princesses in tutu and tiara dress ups. Mary had a storytelling session with the children while she has her own two Christian and Isabella. Christian is at home "fulfilling his obligations at day nursery" :) while Isabella is with her parents in the Big Apple. During the visit journalists had a chance to ask Mary if she wanted more children, to which she replied, yes, but she isn't sure how many or when.

From Dansk Industri (pdf) with information about all the commercial participants... and including:

Foreword by Their Royal Highnesses
The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark

The Creative Nation campaign in New York City is bringing
together Danish and US business leaders under the theme
“Working Together Towards Sustainability”.
Denmark is benefiting from strong commercial, financial,
and cultural ties with the United States of America.
It is promising to see that our large bilateral trade continues
to grow, and that our economic relationship is also deepening
through increasing bilateral investment.
We believe that joining together Danish and U.S. commercial
capabilities and focussing on sustainability and innovation
will help build even stronger commercial as well
as personal bonds between our two countries.
U.S. brands and lifestyle solutions are very well known
to Danish consumers, and Danish know how with regards
to design and sustainable solutions have a prominent place
in the minds of many Americans. It is our hope that this
platform will become even broader through the Creative
Nation campaign.
We are confident that numerous new and mutually beneficial
relations between Danish and U.S. businesses will
be initiated through the Creative Nation events in New
York and that existing ties will be further strengthened.
We are looking very much forward to being a part of this
progressive and exciting initiative and would like to take
this opportunity to thank you for joining us in working
together towards sustainability.

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