Sunday 5 August 2007

Joachim in car crash but okay

File photos (Billed Bladet) of Prince Joachim at a race earlier this summer and below Joachim racing in his Cortina.

B.T. ('Joachim crashed in a borrowed car') has reported that Prince Joachim has crashed in a borrowed car at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix Saturday, after the accelerator got stuck and he had to pull out using the hand brake.

“It’s more the annoyance and the embarrassment.” That’s what a very sheepish and shaken Prince Joachim said yesterday after he had crashed at this year's Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix in Fælledparken.

The Prince who is taking part in the big race at present, did not get far on the two nearly kilometre race track before he lost control of the car.

At one of the first bends Joachim shifted to first gear, but instead of getting through the bend quickly and smoothly, the accelerator got stuck and the Prince had to pull on the handbrake.

The car was then flung onto the opposite side of the track and directly into the safety fence. Prince Joachim himself was not injured, but the car had its entire right side smashed in the accident.

“It was the kind of experience you do not wish for,” a very shaken Joachim told B.T. (thanks Muhler!)

For the car enthusiasts a B.T. web clip (2:00) about a 1936 MG participating in this weekend's Historic Grand Prix.

Added: B.T. also reports that the doctor on stand-by at the races had a look at Joachim. Joachim said he was fine and then walked away with a very visible limp before giving a big grin. Obviously though he might just as well make a little fun out of it.

B.T. article

B.T. web clip (0:39) of Joachim's car crash (well at least we know he is good at jumping over the safety fence!)

See Søren Steffen's photos of Joachim

The car, ouch! (photo Lars Rievers/B.T.)



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