Tuesday 4 April 2006

Mary at Brain Injury conference

In Denmark more than 50,000 people live with the consequences of a suddenly occurred brain injury and this corresponds to the number of inhabitants in a medium size town outside of Copenhagen. The entire family is struck when a member gets a brain injury.

Today Crown Princess Mary is attending the opening of a two day conference for the Brain Injury Association which is one of her patronages. The Brain Injury Association's Active Relatives conference is being held at the Hotel Nyborg Strand.

You can also see more photos from this, and past royal events, at Gert Blume's website.

Danish Brain Injury Association
Mary as protector/patron

Fyens Stiftstidende says Mary has cast her glow over Nyborg. Reporter Mogens Rasmussen says Mary attended the opening of the conference and spoke of the need for professional care and support for people affected by brain injuries, including relatives. Mary spoke to the mother of a 20 year old from Aalborg who was run over when he was five and has been brain injured since then. This emphasised the theme of the conference about 'Active Relatives' and the need for care for them as well as the affected brain injured person.

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