Sunday 16 April 2006

Happy Birthday to HM Queen Margrethe!

 border=Queen Margrethe II celebrated her 66th birthday at Marselisborg Palace in Aarhus.

36,000 cheers for the Queen

Over 12,000 people turned out to give three cheers for the Queen on her birthday

'Hip, hip, hurrah!' - nearly 12,000 people gathered at Queen Margrethe II's summer residence under sunny skies on Sunday to wish her a happy 66th birthday.

The Queen followed tradition and emerged on the balcony of the palace at precisely 12:00 noon, to receive three cheers from the crowd.

According to an Analyse Danmark/B.T. poll, the Easter Sunday crowd's cheers were a reflection of the entire nation's sentiment for their monarch. Nearly 60 percent of Danes say Queen Margrethe should remain on the throne even as she approaches the mandatory retirement age of 67.

'The poll is proof that the Queen's popularity remains high,' said Jon Bloch Skipper, a historian from the History House. 'She still understands how to play her role and does a good job on all fronts. That must be a wonderful birthday gift for her.'

Some 29.1 percent said the Queen ought to abdicate and allow Crown Prince Frederik, 38, to become king. Another 11.9 percent were undecided.

The Queen Mother, the former Queen Ingrid, died at the age of 90. Should Margrethe live as long and reign until she dies, she would celebrate nearly 50 years as Denmark's monarch. From

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