Thursday 5 January 2006

The Danish royal New Year continues today

Tapestry at Christiansborg Palace

There's more! Today is the final day of New Year royal court events in Denmark.

These events acknowledge the various arms and institutions of Danish society and the Danish royal family's relationship to them. First up is a gala reception at Christiansborg Palace. The royal court reception is for invited guests. First, there will be a carriage ride by Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik to Christiansborg Palace where they, along with Crown Prince Frederik, will greet the officers of the army, navy and the airforce, followed by representatives of civil defense organisations, then military ranks and representatives of the royal patronages of the Queen, Prince Henrik and Crown Prince Frederik. After the Christiansborg Palace (1),(2) reception the Queen and Prince Henrik will return by carriage to Amalienborg Palace.

As with other events in this series of New Year royal courts, there is a hierarchy of precedence with the Danish royal family uppermost, followed by other eminent people and representatives of organisations of the state and non-government organisations.

In a newly born tradition Crown Princess Mary will hold court for her patronages in the Christian VIII Mansion at Amalienborg Palace.
Since becoming the Crown Princess, Mary has gradually adopted increasing numbers of organisations which keenly seek her patronage. This reflects confidence in Mary as Crown Princess and as a capable patron for the various organisations she is connected with. Mary is known to participate in well publicised official activities with her patronages, as well as behind-the-scenes activity to advance the objectives of the different organisations.
Mary's patronages give social, cultural and economic benefit to Denmark. For an example of economic benefit, the Danish fashion industry hosts the biggest industry exhibition (CIFF) in Europe twice a year and exports have grown in recent years to become a significant sector in the Danish economy. Following Frederik's grandmother, Queen Ingrid and other members of the royal family, Mary now plays her role in this area, with Danish fashion exports worth two billion euro last year.
This 'new tradition' can be seen as a vote of confidence in Mary and her growing role as Crown Princess and future Queen Consort.
Crown Princess Mary's patronages cover many organisations in various fields:
The Children's Choir of the Royal Danish Academy of Music
The Danish Arts and Crafts Association
The Danish Cultural Institute

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair
Designers Nest

Humanitarian Aid:
The Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

Research and Science:
The Danish Youth Association of Science
Research Day

Social and Health:
Children's Aid Foundation
Danish Association for Mental Health
Rare Disorders Denmark
The Alannah & Madeline Foundation
The Christmas Seal Foundation
The Danish Brain Injury Association
The Danish Heart Association
The Danish Kidney Association
The Danish Mental Health Fund
World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe

The Danish Golf Union


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