Saturday 21 August 2010

Mary @ Amber Petty's 40th birthday celebration

Crown Princess Mary and her friend Amber Petty arrive at Amber's 40th birthday celebration at The Promethian, August 21, 2010 in Adelaide, Australia. Amber has asked the 150 invitees not to take phones or post information or photos on networking sites. More to come... the Australian election has dominated news tonight.

Mary leaves the party:

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The Herald Sun (Melbourne) - Princess Mary dressed with style at an exclusive party in Adelaide
The Sydney Morning Herald - A party fit for a princess
Digital - Princess Mary: 'It's lovely to be home'
The Herald Sun (Melbourne) - Princess Mary dressed with style at an exclusive party in Adelaide for Amber Petty
Adelaide Now - Radiant Princess Mary arrives at the Prom

You Tube Ten News clip (00:40)
Yahoo Seven News clip (00:40)


Stop press: Mary has been elected new Prime Minister of Australia (and B.T. thought we Aussies didn't love her!) and Queen Margrethe has been sent a tweet of congratulations (those who know about the Queen and technology know she wouldn't have received it!)

The Sun-Herald (Sydney) Danish turnover
by Charles Waterstreet

This is a very ironic column reflecting on the nature of the Australian election campaign. Today's election has ended in limbo and a possible hung parliament with final results to be some ten days before resolution. The close election has resulted in a swing against the Labor incumbents and a strong vote for the Greens. Independents may well decide government for the first time in Australian history in favour of either Labor or the conservative Liberal Coalition.

© SMH/illustration by Michael Mucci who includes his apologies to Delacroix

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Thank you for the article. It's ironic, but very funny.

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