Monday 26 April 2010

Frederik & Mary farewell their chief-of-court Per Thornit

April 22, 2010: Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary hosted a formal farewell reception for Per Thornit, their chief-of-court, at Amalienborg. It was announced on March 30 that Per Thornit would retire at the end of this month. A new chief-of-court is yet to be announced. Per Thornit, 68 in June, has worked for the court for 25 years, supporting and advising Frederik, Joachim, Alexandra and then Mary into their public royal life. Per Thornit and his second wife Ulla were farewelled by royal and other guests including jazz musician Fuzzy (he composed Frederik's processional music), architect Noah Whitehorn (who has overseen the restoration of Frederik VIII's palace at Amalienborg) and royal family lawyer Henrik Wedel-Wedelsborg and his wife Gitte. Although unable to attend the recent Queen's birthday celebrations, 97-year-old Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller also attended. As well as being a long time friend of the royal family and one of the world's oldest billionaires according to Forbes, he is the only non-royal to hold the Royal Order of the Elephant. Per Thornit will continue service to the court as the treasurer of the Royal Orders of Chivalry.

Photos © Keld Navntoft/B.T., Jens Dige/POLFOTO.

The Danish Royal Court's press release -
Chief-of-Court Per Thornit resigns
Amalienborg, 30 March 2010
I have the honor to announce that chief-of-court of Their Royal Highnesses the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess, Chamberlain Per Thornit, has applied to retire from his position at the end of April this year after 25 years of service.

Her Majesty The Queen has expressed her appreciation for the Chamberlain's excellent service.

Per Thornit has served with the Royal Family since 1985, when he was hired as head of the Cabinet Secretariat. From 1990 Per Thornit functioned as Chief Secretary to Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim and then from 2004 as Chamberlain to Their Royal Highnesses the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess.

Her Majesty the Queen has decided that following his resignation, Per Thornit is to take over the office of Treasurer of the Royal Danish Orders of Chivalry after the current Chamberlain, Ambassador Paul Fischer.

A successor is expected to be appointed shortly.

Henning Fode
Her Majesty the Queen's
Cabinet Secretary

Berlingske Tidende - The Chamberlain of the Crown Prince Couple's Court Per Thornit, resigns at the end of April, the court has announced.
Per Thornit has been with the Royal house since 1985, when he was hired as head of the Cabinet secretariat.
From 1990 Per Thornit acted as a head of court for Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim and from 2004 as a head of royal staff for the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess.
Her Majesty The Queen pronounces "her appreciation of the head of royal staff's excellent service" and has decided that Per Thornit, after his resignation, is to be Treasurer of The Royal Danish Order of Chivalry, writes the court in its press release.
A successor as a head of royal staff is expected appointed soon.

Billed Bladet 'Mary og Frederiks hofchef fratræder sin stilling' - Mary's and Frederik's chief of staff resigns his position.
The last working day approaches for one of the royal family's most trusted employees.
By his own request the Crown Prince Couple's head of royal staff Per Thornit resigns his position at the end of April 2010.
He has covered many different positions since he was employed as head of the cabinet secretariat in 1985.
Since 2004 Per Thornit has been the head of royal staff for Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary.
Most recently he has played a part in putting distinctive marks on the renovation of the Crown Prince Couple's next home at Amalienborg by originating the idea of letting Danish artists decorate parts of the palace.
Queen Margrethe expresses her appreciation of his excellent service in connection with Per Thornit's resignation.

Jyllands Posten 'Frederik og Joachims reservefar går' -
Frederik's and Joachim's substitute father leaves
Published 30.03.10 at 13:34 - updated at 13:37

The Crown Prince has to have new head of royal staff, after his closest personal guide for 20 years has announced his departure.

For 20 years Per Thornit has helped Crown Prince Frederik, 14 of them also with Prince Joachim, who was their nearest personal advisor and the adult they were closest to in their younger days.

Now he chooses to leave the position as a the Crown Prince Couple's head of royal staff with his exit at the end of April.

Per Thornit will be 68 years old in June.

Started in Cabinet Secretariat

He has known Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim since they were 17 years and 16 years, and he began at Amalienborg as head of the Queen's Cabinet Secretariat.

The head of royal staff (Chamberlain), a title he got in 2004, has been known for his own firm opinions which have not always been in agreement with The Queen's Lord Chamberlains' [Ove Ullerup] during his time as a secretarial manager of the two princes.

He stood at one time for maintaining distance from the relentless media before the royal house employed its first head of communication and public affairs, Lis M. Frederiksen.

"Here in the palace we manage [what is] outside. I think it's easier for me to maintain distance and say "no comment", than it'd be for a press spokesperson who [reduces] distance. That is what I also think is the peoples' wish," Per Thornit said in an interview with Jyllands-Posten in 2002.

Stays treasurer

Per Thornit has followed the renovation of the Crown Prince Couple's next home at Amalienborg, Frederik VIII's Palace, very closely.

He is very enthusiastic about art and in that role has also been able to act as a qualified adviser to Frederik and Mary.

The Queen has decided that Per Thornit is to take over the office as a treasurer of The Royal Danish Knights Orders after his resignation at the [end of] the current chamberlain's, ambassador Paul Fischer's [tenure].

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