Saturday 28 March 2009

Frederik & Mary @ American-Scandinavian Foundation Dinner, NYC

Crown Prince Frederik and Cown Princess Mary attended the 2009 American-Scandinavian Foundation Dinner tonight at the Pierre Hotel in New York City. The American-Scandinavian Foundation is a non-profit organisation which promotes international understanding through educational and cultural exchange. At the gala the ASF has honoured , former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, and his wife Deeda Blair, whom he married in Denmark and who was formerly head of the Lasker Foundation. Nikolaj Hübbe is also honoured, he is Artistic Director of the Royal Danish Ballet. The evening was emceed by Liv Ullmann, acclaimed actress and director. Proceeds from the gala benefit will go to the American-Scandinavian Foundation’s programs for educational and cultural exchange. Royal Danish cousin Prince Filipos of Greece was also present at the gala.

Yesterday (Thursday March 26) Frederik and Mary were in Denver, Colorado, where Frederik was involved in day-long activities in connection with the Sportaccord 2009 conference held there. Mary followed a private program. There was some bad weather affecting transport in Colorado and nearby states which created some doubt about the trip back east to New York. It appears they left this morning to arrive in time for the gala this evening, based on weather reports and planes to New York out of Denver.

Group photo above: Nikolaj Hübbe received an Amaerican-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) Cultural Award while socialite/philanthropist fundraiser Deeda Blair received a Distinguished Public Service Award. Photos © Daylife/Getty, AP, WireImage

Dance for You, No. 28, Jan-Feb 2009 "Designing the Primal: An interview with Nikolaj Hübbe"
The New York Times "Ready for a Giant Leap Back Home" - feature on Nikolaj Hübbe

For those interested, Mary's dress at the New York gala is by Julie Fagerholt of Heartmade (thanks Ayvee!) And with my correction, my apologies to Julie Fagerholt and to Ayvee, who gave the correct FYI from the start! A pic of the dress on parade at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

On Thursday Crown Prince Frederik was at Sportaccord 2009 in Denver while Mary followed a private program.

Crown Prince Frederik's speech at the sports conference 'Sportaccord' in Denver, Colorado, Thursday March 26, 2009:
I would like to warmly congratulate all parties involved in hosting Sportaccord 2009 in the scenic settings of the wonderful mile-high-city of Denver.
Bringing people together in the framework that Sportaccord provides, paves the way for new ideas to take shape and creates an environment that spurs the development of the sports community. Since the first stages in 2003, you have made Sportaccord into a widely recognized event, which annually brings together the World of Sport and enhances new initiatives.
Six months from now, we will hopefully meet again in Copenhagen, the capital of my home country, Denmark, for the IOC Session & Olympic Congress 2009.
We are proud, to be able to host such an important event. Many of the issues that have been touched on at this convention will be addressed in Copenhagen and crucial decisions for the world of sports will be taken at the congress. It is my hope, that all of you will contribute to make the 121st IOC Session & XIII Congress a success.
See you in Copenhagen.

B.T. 'Frederik og Mary får topkarakter i USA' - Frederik and Mary get top mark in the U.S.
The Danish Crown Prince Couple have impressed politicians, the press and nursing home residents during their visits in the U.S.
Chicago's mayor Richard Daley went to work with pleasure on Sunday. TV and newspaper journalists in both Iowa and Nebraska went out to cover stories. And...
USA Today used space to cover the Crown Prince Couple's trip in the U.S.
On Saturday Frederik's and Mary's official trip to the U.S. will end.
But even though the Crown Prince Couple go home, they leave many good impressions.
Torsten Jansen, responsible for the PR Department at the [Royal Danish] Embassy in Washington calls the visit an "unconditional success": "Frederik and Mary do something special. They are very capable ambassadors for Denmark. And they are also quite good at talking to everybody they meet," says Torsten Jansen, who followed Frede and Mary on their trip from Chicago, through Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado.
The couple will go to New York City where the visit will end on Saturday evening.
It isn't only Torsten Jansen who gives Frede and Mary top marks.
Since the beginning of his career as Chicago's mayor in the mid-eighties, Richard Daley has met lots of royals from all over the world.
But Frede and Mary made an especial impression on him.
"Many Americans are unsure about how to see the whole idea about kings, queens, princes and princesses. But if they met Mary and Frederik, they'd suddenly understand what it was about. The two are actually not just fantastic representatives of their country, they are also wise and pleasant human beings," Daley said.
And people who know the mayor emphasised it's very unusual for he and his wife to cancel their loved freedom on Sundays (as they did for Frede and Mary) to have an official lunch with the visitors from abroad.

Billed Bladet 'Kig i Marys USA-garderobe' - Look at Mary's U.S. wardrobe: about the 'beautiful, smart and practical' choices Mary has made for the trip which will be covered in more detail in the upcoming edition of the magazine and a small gallery from the visit

Sportaccord: Royal Back Up (YouTube 03:29)
TV2 clip (02:01)

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