Sunday 8 February 2009

Mary @ CIFFKIDS 2009

Crown Princess Mary attended the premiere of the CIFFKIDS Trend Show at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen on her birthday. Mary is the patron of Denmark's fashion industry, one of the country's biggest economic sectors. A crowd broke into a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ in recognition of Mary’s 37th birthday as she arrived at the Bella Centre. The little girl who presented a bouquet of flowers to Mary was so overwhelmed by the occasion that she burst into tears. Mary took a few minutes to comfort and reassure the young girl before warmly accepting the flowers. Mary was presented with a birthday cake in honour of the day.

Copenhagen Fashion Week rolled out last week but was in the shadow of a sombre bottom line because of the global economic crisis. There were fewer shows, beer was served in some cases instead of champaigne, but the collections were more serious (and sexy!) according to fashion observers. There was some humour and the unusual as well, but generally more serious. The financial situation did overshadow the trade fair however.

The Faroese knitwear brand Gudrun & Gudrun is example. During last year's fashion week they flew the international press from Copenhagen to Torshavn to present their collection. But not this year. Gudrun & Gudrun was content with with a more humble launch of their book,
Slow Clothing, featuring their handmade knitwear.

Copenhagen Fashion Week, held twice a year, has een growing in recent years. The official goal of CIFF is to become the world's fifth fashion metropolis after New York, London, Paris and Milan. But the financial crisis definitely impacted the number of shows and parties.

Some fashion week facts:

• Fashion week is held twice a year, in August and February and attracts more than 50,000 buyers, designers and press from around the world.

• The textile and clothing industry represent Denmark's fourth biggest exporter, which makes Denmark the OECD's ninth-biggest exporter of clothing.

• For the last five years fashion trade has risen by 37.7%, but had a more modest growth of 5.6% in 2008.

• In the same period Danish fashion companies have created more than 1,600 new jobs.

• Employment in the fashion industry has risen 17.3% since 2004.

• In the same period exports of clothing rose by an incredible 7.7% from 18.9 billion DKK to 20.4 billion DKK and the Danish fashion trade makes 89.3% of its overall turnover on exports.

• The forecast for 2009 is more cautious, with a prospective turnover of just 0.1% with a growth in exports of 0.2%.

• The fashion industry is Denmark's fourth largest employer with the Danish Fashion Institute putting the fashion industry onto the political agenda.

Designers and fashion industry luminaries met with the Prime Minister last week to discuss ways the governemnt can support the industry. (extra fashion FYI from

Photos © Hasse Ferrold/CIFF/Bella Centre, Bella Center Fotoweb

B.T. 'Se BT TV: Her trøster Mary den grædende blomsterpige' - (includes BTwebTV - 1:135 - of Mary's arrival and guests singing to Mary for her birthday)
Hello! magazine
The Copenhagen Post 'Flags fly for royal birthdays' (refers also to Princess Marie's 33rd birthday)
Friday, 6 February 2009
Buses across the country are festooned with flags in honour of the two royal birthdays] Both Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie celebrated birthdays this week, with Mary turning 37 yesterday and Marie celebrating her 33rd birthday today.
The red and white of the Danish ‘Dannebrog’ flag fluttered from roof tops and public buses this week in recognition of both Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie’s birthdays.
Members of the royal family are honoured with an official flag day on their birthdays and the ‘Dannebrog’ is also brought out for Constitution Day and Ascension Day among others.
The Australian-born Crown Princess didn’t have the whole day to celebrate with her husband and two children as she had an appointment to keep as patron of the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair yesterday. A crowd broke into a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ in recognition of Mary’s 37th birthday as she arrived at the Copenhagen Bella Center.
However, a young girl due to present flowers to the Crown Princess was so overwhelmed by the occasion that she burst into tears. Mary took a few minutes to comfort and reassure the little girl before warmly accepting her flowers.
Meanwhile, French-born Marie is celebrating her first birthday as a princess today as she turns 33. It is reported that she will spend the day at her Schackenborg Castle home in southern Jutland, before embarking on a skiing holiday with her husband and his two sons.

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TV2 news clip (00:33)

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