Tuesday 14 October 2008

DRF @ opening of parliament

The Danish Royal Family attended the opening of the Folketing, the Danish parliament, last week (7 October 2008). Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte were present for the opening session in parliament hall (see large photo) at the home of the Folketing, Christiansborg Palace. It was Princess Marie's first of many appearances at the opening of parliament, in which only the prime minister speaks as a kind of 'state of the nation' address with no further formal business in the Folketing on the day.

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Crown Princess Mary: ...I mean, there's always the opening of the parliament every year and the photographers wait on the edge of their seats to get a picture of...when everyone's blinking, so it looks like we're all sleeping. (From Andrew Denton's Enough Rope interview February 2005)

From Politiken about PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen's speech - PM: Danes must work more
Parliament reopens to an unusually worried opening speech from Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. In an unusually pessimistic speech, in which he says that ‘dark clouds are on the horizon’, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen says that the labour shortage is the greatest threat to Danish welfare.
“Labour shortage is costing a loss of production, prosperity and welfare,” the prime minister told Parliament today in its opening session after the summer recess.
More hours
Among other things, Fogh said that those who are employed should work more, and that those on transfer incomes must get a job.
“It’s a tough choice. Either we have to accept a reduction in prosperity and welfare as a result of the labour shortage, or we must address the shortage,” he said.
Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen repeated the methods the government plans to use to get Danes to work more: Sick leave statistics must be reversed, those on unemployment benefits must get back onto the labour market quicker and public employees must work more and receive overtime payment (Ed: rather than time in lieu).
He reiterated that the Wages and Salaries Commission that has been agreed between the government, employers and unions would be looking into wages and salaries in the public sector. He also touched on the need to reduce income tax.
The banks
Addressing the current financial crisis, Fogh promised that the government will do everything in its power to ensure the stability of the banking sector – among other things through increased supervision and a tightening of the rules affecting stock sales.
“The Danish banking sector is basically healthy and solid. There have been some rotten apples in the barrel, but in general, Danish banks are run sensibly and with care,” the prime minister said.
But he went on to issue a stark and angry tirade against bank directors who have gambled with their customers’ money.
“It is obscene when greed and clever maneuvering outdo solidity and common sense. It is preposterous when financial soldiers of fortune rake it in when they win, and the taxpayer has to bleed when there are losses. And it is indefensible for speculators to juggle massive amounts of money without transparency,” the prime minister said.
Anders Fogh Rasmussen reiterated that the government has strengthened rules for the supervision of banks as well as trading in shares. At the same time it is easier for customers to see whether their bank is healthy, he said.
The gangs
He added that the government will also address gang crime with more police.
“We will stop this outrageous gang warfare,” he said in reference to a number of shooting episodes in an ongoing battle between bikers and immigrant gangs.
The prime minister went on to promise to bring down waiting lists, to praise the government’s own immigration policy and to herald efforts to get rid of Denmark’s EU opt-outs.
In a particularly value-laden part of the speech, he spoke of a dire need for ‘a value integration’ of foreigners.
“Denmark is a hospitable society. But we expect those who come here to obey our laws. Denmark is a broad-minded society. But we expect those who come here to respect the principles upon which Danish society and democracy are built,” he said. (Edited by Julian Isherwood)

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen's speech to the Folketing: Jyllands Posten PM promises a 'safe and secure society' | 07.10.08

From Billed Bladet (no. 41, 2008) 'Svigermor hjalp Marie' - Mother-in-law supported Marie | by Annelise Weimann
To Crown Princess Mary and the rest of the DRF the opening of the Parliament is pretty routine, but to Princess Marie it was the first time and she was visibly nervous and got most of the attention this year.
It started with the entire DRF being received and gathering at the main entrance. Princess Marie and Prince Joachim arrived in the Crown 2 and Marie glanced several times at Joachm for support and nervously wet her lips with her tounge. She may also have seen a wedding DVD or two, because she was careful not to "do a Mary" and lose her hat in the wind, and so she held her hat firmly.
After curtsying ever so neatly to Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, the royals went inside and at 12.00 sharp, the DRF entered their box in the galleries in the Parliament.
Marie tried as best as she could to follow the PM's speech but it was probably a great help that Queen Margrethe supported her and explained various things to her. She also received a lot of support from the gallant Joachim. Afterwards they all went to Amalienborg Palace for lunch.

Hello! magazine 'Marie challenges Mary's style crown early on with chic turn out'
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