Tuesday 30 September 2008

Mary @ Brain Injury Association donation

The Crown Princess, as patron, receives a donation to the Danish Brain Injury Association at the 'Head House', Frederiksberg. Photo © Hanne Juul/Billed Bladet

Crown Princess Mary visited Head House last Tuesday (September 23) to accept a donation from the Remmens Fond on behalf of the Danish Brain Injury Association, for which she is patron. The two supersized cheques Mary received were for a million DKK altogether donated by the Remmens Fond to support programs and help for those who are brain injured. The Danish Brain Injury Association is a member of the European Brain Injury Federation and shares the aims of giving help to the sufferers of diverse brain injuries and conditions and to also help their families. The Remmen Foundation is run by the Remmen family who own luxury hotels is Denmark.

Billed Bladet 'Mary modtog en million kroner' - Mary received a million crowns
23 September 2008 | Jan Bergman
Crown Princess Mary had a huge smile when she received a million crowns [last] Thursday afternoon. As patron for the Danish Brain Injury Association Crown Princess Mary took part in the ceremony to formally accept the donation...The money has been donated by the Remmens Foundation which gave a grant of 500,000 DKK for the Brain Injury Association and a corresponding scholarship of 500,000 DKK to the Brain Injury Association's project HovedHuset
(Head House).

DR.dk 'Talegaven' - The Spoken Record
September 23th 2008
"A mirror. It's cheap and this is good," he says with clear diction. In front of a mirror he studies how the mouth pronounces the words. Claus Xavier Nielsen had a blood haemorrhage in the brain seven years ago, was paralysed on one side and suffered aphasia. He immediately set about becoming a narrator! And even though the hospital staff shook their heads in doubt, he has regained speech...
Today he travels around the country and gives talks on being brain damaged and shows pictures connected to using fairytales as a key to our dreams.
In Hovedhuset in Frederiksberg he uses his hard-won skills to help others out of the dark, a darkness he himself has been in.
Claus Xavier Nielsen has been a member in Hovedhuset since March 2006.
The inspiration for HovedHuset comes from a clubhouse model where the idea is that everybody has skills and that all contributions of work are important for the community. That Head House is a special place in which the brain damaged Claus Xavier Nielsen is a shining example.

Photos © Hanne Juul/Billed Bladet, Peter Grosen/seoghoer

Head House
European Brain Injury Federation (in English)

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