Wednesday 18 June 2008

Mary's puppy love: is it the hat?

Is it this hat? The first time Mary wore this hat she was struck with puppy love too. Yesterday afternoon in Haderselv Mary visited Eldorado, a pet and horse supplier, and encountered some English spaniel puppies who looked irresistable to anyone walking by, whether a princess in a hat or not. The small English springer spaniel snuggled up to Mary and licked her. The as-yet-unamed puppy comes from the Sieger Kennel in Viborg. Mary asked whether the dog was sold, and yes, it was. Meanwhile Frederik missed out on the puppy love as he was visiting a yacht building enterprise called X-Yachts in Haderslev. And, yes, no bones about it, this post is an excuse for some puppy love of our own here at the blog!

From Billed Bladet 'Mary forelskede sig i hundehvalp' - Mary fell in love with puppy
Crown Prinsess Mary could not get enough of the soft round snout and the gentle little puppy when she was visiting a company yesterday and got permission to hold the charming five-week-old puppy.
None doubt at all that Crown Princess Mary has a real place in her heart for dogs and during the visit to the company El Dorado, she could barely tear herself away from the little soft puppy, which allowed itself to be safely embraced by the Crown Princess while it clearly enjoyed the royal attention.
Crown Prinsess Mary had to finally let the little tuft go to continue the summer tour program on Tuesday in Haderslev.
But before the tour continued, Mary got a small keepsake for her own royal dog Ziggy - a dog collar.

The last time we saw this kind of puppy love (apart from Ziggy, of course) was on August 19, 2005 at a garden fair in Hillerød. And, it was the first outing for this particular hat:

Meanwhile Ziggy is on the summer tour too and was taken out (plus plastic bag pooper scooper) for a walk when the Dannebrog docked. Ziggy must have sniffed out that puppy when Mary was back onboard! Frederik at X-yachts and Mary and Frederik at the Trekanten workshop for the disabled:

Some more photos from yesterday afternoon's visit to the Defence facility and the M16:

And a few more photos of Christian and Isabella with Mary on the Dannebrog:

After a reception on board the Dannebrog for 100 guests, hundreds of locals gathered onshore, some with torches, to wave farewell to the strains of the song 'Skibet skal sejle in nat'/'The ship must leave tonight' and 'see you later, Mary and Frederik'. The Dannebrog slipped away from the pier as a relaxed Frederik and Mary waved farewell in return:

Photos © Rex/hello, Claus Fisker/B.T., H.C. Gabelgaard/, starlounge

B.T. photo gallery
Hello! magazine

TV2 SYD - regional background news (05:22)

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The English spaniel puppy Mary is holding is just too cute! These photos made my day. Thanks, as always, for posting them. :)

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