Thursday 19 June 2008

Frederik & Mary summer tour 2008: Nykøbing Falster & Maribo

Today Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have visited Nykøbing Falster and Maribo on the third day of their summer tour 2008. In Nykøbing 5,000 people were waiting to greet the royals on the Dannebrog. The royal yacht Dannebrog sailed to the quay in Nykøbing and after official greetings, Frederik and Mary strolled from the harbour to the Town Square for the official reception.

Mid-morning and Crown Prince Frederik visited the export company Induperm, which produces landing lighting systems, while Crown Princess Mary visited the children's culture house Kulturmejeriet, which received the Children's Aid Day "little brother" prize in 2007 (Crown Princess Mary, as patron of Children's Aid Day, presented the prize).

The Crown Prince Couple arrived at the Town Square in Sakskøbing and then on to Hotel Saxkjøbing where the Guldborgsund Municipality hosted lunch. They gave gifts to the Crown Prince Couple - a sapphire apple tree for Mary, which she immediately put on, and two trees to be planted at Fredensborg for Frederik.

After lunch the Crown Prince Couple traveled from Sakskøbing to Maribo in an old train. When they arrived at Maribo Station they were received by various municipal officials and Lolland Municipality's mayor Stig Vestergaard with his wife. Again they walked from Maribo Station to the Market Square in Maribo for an official reception. Afterwards they walked to Maribo Cathedral, which was built between 1413 and 1470 as the church of an abbey of the Order of St Bridget. Mary visited to the convent afterwards and Frederik met some local Olympic hopefuls.

Frederik and Mary visited various other sights around Maribo. At the Maribo Kayak Club Crown Prince Frederik inaugurated the club's new boat hall and met with Olympic Games participants from the club. Meanwhile Crown Princess Mary went to St. Birgitta Kloster, where she was shown around the abbey church, the convent's visitor department and the cloister garth. They then went on a tour boat, Anemonen, to the restaurant Bangs Have for a reception with local invited dignitaries. Later they returned to the Dannebrog to get ready for the royal reception on board in Nykøbing Falster Harbour. There were more than a thousand locals at the harbour to see guests arriving at the reception before the Dannebrog again departed at 10pm.

Photos © Flemming Karlsen/Anders Knudsen/Ingrid Riis/Torsten Elsvor/Per Houby/, TV2 ØST, TV2/Scanpix

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