Tuesday 5 February 2008

Henrik & Frederik @ new blood transfusion centre

All photos: Kristian Buchmann/Sjællandske.dk
Today Prince Henrik and Crown Prince Frederik have been to the inauguration of the Sealand Region's new Blood Transfusion Centre at the Næstved Hospital together. The togetherness is because Frederik is taking over as patron of Denmark's voluntary blood donation service. Frederik's grandmother Queen Ingrid was the patron of the service for 50 years, and Prince Henrik took over the patronage in 2001 after Queen Ingrid's death. The Danish Blood Donor Association has expressed thanks to the Prince Consort for his efforts after the death of Queen Ingrid. They have recognised Prince Henrik's support and have thanked him for his various activities on their behalf, which has included the personal touch he has given in awarding donors who have donated blood more than 150 times with a diploma. This began in 2004 as a mark of Prince Henrik's 70th birthday.

Danish Blood Donor Association (in English)

Jyllands Posten 'Kronprinsen ny protektor for Bloddonorerne' - on Frederik's new patronage and a new poster to highlight the appeal for new donors in the 75th anniversary year of the donation service. The winner of the poster competition for the new appeal is 19 year-old Emma Perrin, who also won 10,000 DKK along with the first prize. Emma Perrin's poster refers to how natural it is to give blood, "The poster begins with the image of nature to help banish the clinical and hospital-like associations some people might have about the subject of blood. I think that those associations can be a deterrent for many people," says Emma Perrin, who passed her final exams last summer.

Sjællandske.dk photo gallery

TV2 Øst NetTV (01:07) - Henrik and Frederik at the opening of the new centre

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