Thursday 10 January 2008

Mary hosts New Year reception

All photos © Steen Brogaard

Today Crown Princess Mary has hosted a New Year's reception for representatives of her many patronages at Christian VIII's Palace at Amalienborg. Mary has 21 organisations for which she is patron. There are many others she is involved with together with Frederik (various awards for special projects), or in specific areas such as skin cancer awareness (which is otherwise the Queen's overall patronage) or the anti-bullying project which is under the auspices of Save the Children, which is attached to the Queen and Frederik. The Mary Foundation is a new area established in late 2007 which has been busy behind the scenes (we know from off-calendar meetings in recent months) setting up the projects which will be the first to benefit from funding in the near future. Also present were members of the Crown Prince Couple's court, Per Thornit, Caroline Heering and Tanja Doky.

  • Downloadable versions of these pics are available on the Crown Prince Couple's website for personal use. Media go to Steen Brogaard's site

  • Representatives from Mary's patronages were present at the reception.
    The Children's Choir of the Royal Danish Academy of Music
    The Danish Arts and Crafts Association
    The Danish Cultural Institute
    Copenhagen International Fashion Fair
    Designers Nest
    Humanitarian Aid:
    The Danish Refugee Council (DRC)
    Research and Science:
    The Danish Youth Association of Science
    Research Day
    Social and Health:
    Children's Aid Foundation
    Danish Association for Mental Health
    Mothers Help
    Rare Disorders Denmark
    The Alannah & Madeline Foundation
    The Christmas Seal Foundation
    The Danish Brain Injury Association
    The Danish Heart Association
    The Danish Kidney Association
    The Danish Mental Health Fund
    The Danish Stroke Association
    World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe
    The Danish Golf Union
    The Danish Swimming Federation

    TV2 news clip (03:05) - shows Mary arriving by car at Christian VIII's Palace and then a story about the Brain Damage Association. The woman doing the art work explains she has brain damage, but has been helped by the association. The man from the organisation explains it was in a real crisis because of lack of funds before Mary became patron. The "Mary effect" caused a quadrupling in the amount of media coverage, and
    1. 30% increase in members
    2. 5 million DKK increase in funding
    3. a significant increase in donations from various foundations.
    The report says 60, 000 Danes suffer from some sort of brain damage.

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    Blogger lame sis said...

    If I may ask, how tall is Princess Mary? She always seem to tower over anyone... :D

    1:19 pm  
    Blogger lotte said...

    Hi lame sis'

    There has never been an official note of Mary's height. Best calculation is she is around 170cms (5' 7"). Frederik is 180cms (5' 11") (then comes the Queen, Prince Henrik and Joachim). I think you will find a lady in 3-4 inch heels and a hairdo will look taller than she is ;) There are plenty of pics around on the blog of Mary in flats next to Frederik which shows a significant height disparity between them (check the recent Berkingske Tidende pics of them in the park). Mary is currently the shortest of the adults in the DRF, soon Marie Cavallier will have that distinction.


    2:37 pm  
    Blogger lame sis said...

    oh thanks for that, lotte. being vertically challenged myself, i find everyone over 5'5 really tall.

    12:55 am  

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